Catherine Woolley


I'm taking part in Concern's Ration Challenge!

Hello all!

You may, or may not know that last year I took part in Concern’s Ration Challenge with my twin sister Charlotte to help raise money and awareness of the refugee crisis going on in the world.

Well it’s happening from the 13th-19th June and I’m taking part again this year!

We’ve all had a lot happen to us in the last year with the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, but those in unimaginable situations have also had to deal with this as well. Most of us are lucky to have our homes and friends and family members to help us during this time. But there’s millions of people out there who no longer have a home or members of their family due to conflict in their countries, or natural disasters, causing them to live in unsafe, unsanitary conditions with very limited access to food and more importantly medical help!

I’m raising money to help provide emergency food, hygiene kits and support for refugees. This also includes Covid-19 kits which includes face masks, soap and hand sanitiser to try and help stop the spread. However the money can also go towards training to give them the ability to support their families too!

On the week of the 13-19th June, I will only have access to water and the following food:

  • 1920g rice
  • 170g lentils
  • 85g dried chickpeas
  • 120g of tofu
  • 400g tin of kidney beans
  • 330ml vegetable oil

This looks like this for a whole week of food! Minus my tofu as I’ll need to grab it the week before I start due to the short shelf life.

The equivalent of a week’s worth of rations for a refugee
The equivalent of a week’s worth of rations for a refugee

There are further rewards to unlock representative of the food coupons that some refugees receive from other aid agencies, and the sharing of resources from having lived in camps for so long, but the main focus is to survive on the rations above.

The challenge itself is by no means mean to trivialise the terrible situation that millions of people are in but bring light to one of the hardships that refugees face daily, surviving off rations.

If anyone is able to donate even the smallest amount I would be so very grateful, or a share to help raise awareness. I’m ready for a tough week to no longer be able to take advantage of all the sugar rich and flavoursome fruit and vegetables that we so readily have available.

This year alongside the ration challenge I’m also helping out The Pachamama Project, making reusable sanitary pads for refugees, now they won’t necessarily be going towards the same refugees that the Ration Challenge is helping, but I feel doing something, and helping others, is better for the greater good.

I’ve already made my first pad (pictured below) and can’t wait to make more! I’m planning on making 5 pads for every donation I get! And no matter what the donation, even the smallest amount, the price of a cup of coffee can make a difference to a refugees life, and in this scenario it’ll raise money and create reusable pads too!

Photo of a reusable pad made from fleece and cotton
Photo of a reusable pad made from fleece and cotton

There’s a couple of ways you can support us, so you can sponsor myself and Charlotte as a team which is great for if you know us both and want to show support ❤.

Or you could give me a sponsor directly.

You could sponsor Charlotte too!

Thank you very much for your time in reading this!