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Lash La Rue on Holiday second meeting


Ok so two weeks have passed and I had the job of doing:   Design document Squirrel and Duck interactions Destinations NPCs Asset list Scale chart Level designs   I had been concentrating so hard on my rig for Void I… more »

More amazing work of Jon Burgerman


  So I thought I'd do another Jon Burgerman related blog entry, this time round showing off my anxiety wall image I got. Although I was a little pissed off with it as it had been raining the day it came in the post and obviously my postman… more »

My new toy


I am now a very proud owner of a Dell Inspiron Mini 9, I had for a while wanted a little netbook, mainly because everything else I've ever owned portable computer wise has been really heavy. And to be honest if I ever want to go back home, round my… more »

Global Game Jam Newport


  This Friday just passed marked an event called Global Game Jam, of which I took part in. Originally I wasn't going to, as I have enough work of my own to be doing for my third year project, but Charlotte convinced me to go with her and Tim.… more »

A little play with NXE


  While I had a little time spare last night (around writing my dissertation) I thought I'd check out the New Xbox Experience (NXE), which I must say it was fun to create them, as it was a mixture between The Sims 2 and creating a Mii. Might have… more »

Burgerino - The work of Jon Burgerman


  While trying to write up all my blog entries for university work and other goings on, I decided to write up a really quick one, which takes a lot less time of course.   As some people may know I'm quite a fan of Jon Burgerman's work, I… more »

Back at University


Ok well after a long eventful summer of working with a few things on the side (I will try and do some entries for some events) I am now back at university, so expect to see some work here soon, or as soon as I find out what I'm doing. In the mean time I… more »

Will Wright and Kojima in the same year


  When I got to meet Hideo Kojima earlier in the year, I was very surprised that I actually got to meet him. When I read that HMV were having Will Wright as well I was ecstatic. I travelled down very early in anticipation of a large queue, but… more »

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