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Two Hundred and Twenty Eight: A cute nerdy necklace


I popped into Claire's Accessories to pick up a new hair claw (if that's what they're called, I have no idea) as mine had broken. While having a search around I stumbled across the cutest little robot necklace dangling on the wall and just had to pick… more »

Two Hundred and Twenty Seven: I'm not one to complain, but...


What is wrong with trains recently? I don't go many days without a delay because of issues at Wimbledon or electrical faults, or signalling failures. I spent two and a half hours stuck on a train about 30 seconds from East Croydon because the train i… more »

Two Hundred and Twenty Six: Sackboy is almost done


Here's Sackboy's arms, they weren't too hard to do but did require a little more than the plain stuffing of the other pieces as I had to sew his fingers in half to have them more Sackboy like. IMAGE I think they've turned out pretty cute, which is… more »

Two Hundred and Twenty Five: Enjoying a little Mega Mall Story


You may no Kairo soft from Game Dev Story, well after a few other games they've now created Mega Mall Story, which is a superb rival to counter Tiny Tower on iOS. Although there’s a price to be paid for the game of £2.49 Mega Mall Story creates a mor… more »

Two Hundred and Twenty Four: Another new t-shirt


An awesome t-shirt arrived that I ordered through Qwertee, I'm a big 2001 fan so I couldn't not pick it up. I actually managed to catch a screening of 2001 at a Surrey Science festival where it was being shown at the Mayford Village hall. It was… more »

Two Hundred and Twenty Three: Some Rummy Truffles!


Myself and some others at work decided to do a bake-off at work as a goodbye to someone leaving. I made some Rum truffles which sadly turned out a little runnier than usual (too much Rum) which meant they went gloopy quite quickly. But they were stil… more »

Two Hundred and Twenty Two: A new t-shirt, this time not a daily


So I didn't buy this t-shirt off a daily tee website like the title explains, although I did find the website via teemagnet. I picked it up off Sir Mitchell which is a showcase of Mike Mitchell's artwork in t-shirt and print form. He also has a re… more »

Two Hundred and Twenty One: Yet more Sackboy progress


This odd shape is Sackboy's back with his legs below, IMAGE more »

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