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One Hundred and Forty Eight: New board games!


I picked up some board games from MCM Expo thanks to the great guys at Gamerz Nexus who are actually based in Rayleigh in Essex. They had a pretty good price on Dominion as well as Zombie Fluxx so I picked up the two.

I was recommended Fluxx from a friend who had created his own game based off the mechanics of Fluxx, which is a really enjoyable quest based card game. Which in this version's case, focuses on zombies. You can get a variety of other versions including Monty Python which I was very tempted to pick up, but I went with zombies instead. I think next time if they're there I'll pick up the Python version as I imagine it could be quite comical.

I originally played Dominion at Board GameCamp last year while trying out a few different games including Dixit which I picked up last year. Dominion was the game I enjoyed the most and knew I needed to get it at some point. However Dominion is quite a pricey game when compared to something like Fluxx or Catan however it is totally worth it.

I hope to have some nice quick games with the friends soon as once you get the hang of it a game can be over pretty soon.

One Hundred and Forty Seven: MCM Expo 19


MCM Expo seems to be a regular occurrence for me to attend now, and it has been now for a multiple of years , not only because of the large array of games on show or to spot a good cosplayer every now and again. There's also the interesting guests they have appear as well as some cute Japanese items every now and again.

Sadly Expo 19 was a little disappointing, not only were no interesting (BSG) guests attending the show, but Rising Star Games didn't even have a stand. Rising Star are usually the best part of the show not only with their reasonably priced games, or new releases on show. But just to be able to talk to people like Tyrone and Yen and have their passion and enthusiasm spill over you from the games that Rising Star are releasing is one of the best chats you can ever have.

However the star of the show I must say was Gamespot as they had not only Shadows of the Damned playable, but also Child of Eden. Giving me my first taste for Mizuguchi's new masterpiece just in time for before a Child of Eden event, so that way I didn't look too bad at the game.

Although MCM Expo was flawed in some cases the games on show have really ramped up, and you could really tell they're making an effort to have a larger emphasis on games this time round.

It is a good place for spotting some good games cosplay, I saw the best Kratos but sadly didn't manage to get a picture. Although there is a larger emphasis on anime cosplay, and if that's your thing then MCM is definitely for you!

One Hundred and Forty Six: Revisiting the L.A. Noire posters


After very recently posting about the L.A. Noire posters in London I was extremely certain that there were no other posters, however I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this one.

It is of course quite tame like the other one, showing a lack of death and murder, so it'll be interesting seeing if there are any more gruesome L.A. Noire posters up elsewhere and if they're just protecting the public from illustrations of death or not. As those posters are the more striking and very reminiscent of Jenny Saville's work.

I only wish that games were advertised as much outside of London so I could see all the lovely massive posters. Every now and again I spot a small advert at a bus stop but they're usually dominated by KFC adverts.

One Hundred and Forty Five: An apology


So I've been a very busy bee meaning that my blog has been slightly neglected. Which with the "one a day" stuff I promised myself I wouldn't go for more than a few days without posts. However with all the pre-E3 stuff and of course E3 out of the way, I'm going to try and get back on track, so expect a few random lumps of multiple entries over the next few days while I try to catch up.

A lot of the posts are backdated from events around the time that I wrote notes up for but never managed to get them all pieced together. So this post is now dated for the 26th of May, although it's actually the 22nd of June.

For now enjoy the amazing Yoshinori Ono with Blanka!

One Hundred and Forty Four: For the love of Shenmue


I’m a big fan of Shenmue, it’s generally what I tell people is my favourite game when they ask me, perhaps I need to update my favourite games to match with the times, however there are a lot of games which have their own reasons for being a great experience. So I'll keep saying Shenmue but then mention some other games too.

Shenmue will always be an experience that I enjoyed playing through in school and that I repeatedly played again and again, I looked past the QTEs from being a massive break in the gameplay, and used them as practice for playing the QTE master game in the arcades.

I favour the Japanese dialogue in Shenmue II to the English version that later came out on the Xbox, as well as of course the integration between saves when playing it on the Dreamcast. I wanted the game to continue its story, which although a simple tale of revenge the immense world dragged me in.

I will always love this Penny Arcade

Of course when I found out about the secret underground duck racing I was amazed that I hadn’t experienced myself and will need to give it a go.

Shenmue was my first real experience in an expansive virtual world, of course you were still limited in some aspects but at the time it was the first time I was able to fully explore Japan from the 80s as well as spend as much money as I wanted on gashapons.

With this love of Shenmue I have collected a few copies of the game, also mostly thanks to my sister Charlotte who has been supplying me with some of the copies as birthday or Christmas presents.

After being contacted by Spontanbesorger recently in a comment I accepted to taking a picture of my Shenmue collection, although sadly it’s not complete. I also have two items that aren’t pictured as I haven’t got them in my flat which are a promo white label copy of Shenmue on the Dreamcast as well as an NTSC copy of Shenmue II on Xbox. There may be something else I haven’t got with me but nothing springs to mind. Except for my large Shenmue poster which I believe you can spot in one of my videos on the Gamercast YouTube channel I think.

click for a larger version

I’m sure perhaps one day I’ll have even more items in my collection, but for now this is it.

One Hundred and Forty Three: Egon Schiele anyone? Warning naked lady


Anyone who knows me, or have glanced at my website may (or may not) know that I’m a big fan of Egon Schiele and his works.

Egon was sadly not a Ghostbuster and was an artist of the Expressionist movement from the 20th Century who sadly had his life cut short by the outbreak of the Spanish flu back in 1918.

In the time that he was drawing though he created some amazing pieces of art which focused on a variety of subjects. With a main focus on the grotesque, prostitutes and sex which makes his pictures quite intense.

His quality of line teamed with a limited amount of colour or the total opposite makes every image of his seem completely different to the next while managing to contain a different feeling for each piece.

Of course not all his works are ladies, but he did also do some still life’s and landscapes, but the ladies are the more interesting pieces of his work in my opinion.

Throughout all of my art history he was always my favourite artist and I only hope other readers of my blog may also find something they like about his work.

Thanks to the Metro I found out that there is an exhibition of Schiele’s work going on at the Richard Nagy gallery in London (22 Old Bond Street) which I definitely need to check out when I find some time. The exhibit is going on from the 19th May to the 30th of June on Tuesdays to Saturdays during the hours of 12-5pm.

My apologies for the picture if anyone is offended by it, I don't mean to offend but it's probably my favourite piece so I had to put it with this post.

One Hundred and Forty Two: A Farewell to Plato


Today is a sad day, as unfortunately when popping some fresh cucumber into the millipede tank I found poor Plato in pieces.

Exactly the same as Hypatia I can only imagine he was not 100% used to the environment as he was one of a pair that I picked up from the AES Entomology show, the two of them hadn’t really been looked after that much when I got them so I was in a way slightly surprised they hadn’t passed on sooner.

I imagine Socrates may follow shortly but it’s so hard to tell when there’s something wrong with a millipede as unlike a large animal they're silent creatures that can’t inform you of anything themselves.

However Eratosthenes is still standing strong and I’ve got all my babies to look after which have actually started turning black now, as opposed to appearing translucent. Soon they may be old enough for me to sell them which will be interesting.

One Hundred and Forty One: A trip to the local


Bootsale that is, not the local pub. This weekend I didn't have my sister with me on the look out for games.

Sadly I may have missed some games due to that, but to be fair all the bootsales weren't as good as they had been recently, so I don’t think I really missed much. I managed to pick up a few things, although I think my find of Sly Raccoon on Friday when popping in GAME was better than what I found today.

Sometimes you have great bootsales where everyone is getting rid of all their Megadrive games or their treasured Playstation 1 games, sometimes you may even find a Game and Watch. Sadly this week there was very little retro, and not much of anything, which is a shame as it's my only real source of old games these days.

I did enjoy a very delightful homemade vegetable curry pasty along with a chocolate muffin of a nice lady.

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