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Twenty One: Gamercast have made it onto a box!


So one thing that totally happened out of the blue, is Gamercast getting its very first quote on a box for a video game. more »

Twenty: What I've been playing this week


So something that I try to do on Gamercast each week, even though Paul is not a fan, is talking about what I've been playing. I always find it relaxing talking to people about what I've been playing, probably because then I can give an opinion on what I… more »

Nineteen: Meet Hypatia


So as those who read these will know sadly Hypatia past away last week, well I still wanted to introduce her. So when I originally set out to have a millipede (just before I picked up Eratosthenes) I decided I really wanted a Madagascan red millipede… more »

Eighteen: Japanese Xbox 360


So it finally arrived! Yet sadly of course Catherine doesn't come out till the 17th of February, however there should hopefully be a demo out on the 27th of January. In the meantime I'm going to be checking out the releases Japan has and try not to buy… more »

Seventeen: Looking back at Cool Spot


Thinking of games that I used to spend hours playing when I was younger, one of which was a little game called Cool Spot. If you haven't heard of it before well then I cannot believe you haven't played it. However if you didn't own any of the older… more »

Sixteen: Made something yummy


So following on from yesterday's post, here are my yummy sweet and salty crunch bars which I also decided to add cashew nuts into, they will provide a tasty treat for throughout this week. Also part of tomorrow's very brightly coloured lunch. I've… more »

Fifteen: Making something yummy


So those that know me will know that I'm a big fan of baking sweet things so the second I saw Nigella's Sweet and Salty Crunch Bars on BBC2 and then also tried a colleagues batch of them I knew I just had to make some. So tomorrow I will be picking up… more »

Fourteen: Have you ever wanted your very own Xenomorph egg?


So it’s picture Friday and I know of just the place that has one for sale, or so I believe. A new shop appeared recently and one thing that was noticeable was the fact that they have an actual Xenomorph egg in their window. I believe it's either a prop… more »

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