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Starfish are so interesting


  While working on assets needed for the game I've been looking at reference material, and I must say Starfish are so beautiful, it's probably due to being wet so they tend to glisten.     I also really like the next image, it looks… more »

Nice coral images


I found some really nice coral images, other than the one I posted previously,       These are just a few examples of the images I found, which in total came to about 100. These photos in particular came from Marine… more »



  Ok so like all good ideas, things change, ideas will spur other ideas in different directions, then turning everything around. From my original brief summary I posted, the game is now going to start inside a large shell like, enclosed area.… more »

Brainstorming ideas


  I came up with various ideas related to the project, starting with ideas for different contraptions to populate the level, and different puzzles, I'll list my puzzle ideas, as they're brief notes at this time and I intend on expanding on them.… more »

VOID - The chosen idea


  After all meeting up we decided to go with Rob's idea, which is entitled Void, I won't go into huge detail about it, as he didn't really have a concept document for us to look at, was kind of from his mind and a mixture of notes.  … more »

Back at University


Ok well after a long eventful summer of working with a few things on the side (I will try and do some entries for some events) I am now back at university, so expect to see some work here soon, or as soon as I find out what I'm doing. In the mean time I… more »

Group Project


  Ok so the third year project is underway, I am in a group with three other people, Caryn, Andy and Rob, I've only managed to work with Caryn before so I'm excited to work with new people, especially after seeing work they have produced over the… more »

Week 9 of the group project *final week*


Ongoing work: Looking about for music and sound effects Work Assigned: Get the starting fmv completely finished and rendered off with the same export settings as the other fmv. Ok so my work was slightly carried on from last week, but even if I had… more »

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