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Toy Invasion research


Well our groups were given to us a few days after the pitch day, I have been grouped with Debbie, Duncan, Scott and Chris. And we were given the Toy Invasion project, no work had been set, so I felt I should carry out a bit of research into certain toys… more »

Life drawing again *yay*


*Mature content warning, naked pictures* Ok so after the mentioning of life drawing from my lecturer Dave, and I also saw some posters up too. So of course with my love of life drawing I had to sign up, it did end up costing me like £70.50 for life… more »

A little bit of drawing...or is it doodling


Ok well in honour of having work to do, I'm getting into the mood of drawing again, so I've just been doing a few pictures to keep myself busy. Now I know they ain't perfect, but this is just to speed up my drawing a bit. Click on the images to see a… more »

First time flash user


Ok well yesterday, being Tuesday I had my first flash tutorial type thing, ok well for 3 hours or whatever it was, it was kinda a waste of time, as they guy was explaining all the tools, which is just photoshop common knowledge mainly, anywho I'm sure… more »

Yay my first grade


Well I'm completely new to the whole university grading system, but I just got back my first piece of work, which was ironically the last piece I had given in. Anywho it was an essay on how digital games can produce play unlike that in pre-digital, in… more »

Yay life drawing


Ok well after what is it...7 weeks of life drawing (I think) we have had a model today, and one two weeks back. And finally I've been able to draw slowly, as opposed to 10 second and 30 second sketches. Anywho more to the point, the two models we've… more »

Halloween is nigh


Ok, just like last year myself and Charlotte wanted to make a pumpkin, took her a while to figure out what to do, but we have just finished it. Gaze in it's glory...or um something ^_^. Also a very creepy thing, the light shadow that Mario casts,… more »



Ok well as I'm doing an art course on game design at the moment you'd expect hordes of drawings coming from me....well they'll come later when I like them, but at the moment I've drawn one picture I'm happy with, which was just a sketch of me. But it's… more »

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