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Last day of the examness!!!


Well it's finally done, art exam finished, with the exception of my prep work for it, which shall be finished today and tomorrow and given in monday, all finished and amazing looking I should get a good grade on this work cos I've put soooo much effort… more »

2nd day of the exam


Well today was day number two, only tomorrow left now. And I shall show ya all what I've done in the 4 hours today that we got, I'm pretty pleased with it at the moment, and so does art dude as well, I'm pretty sure I'll get it finished which is very… more »

The Land of homework part 2


Well it's time to show everyone what I've been up to for the past week or so since my last arty entry. Now I haven't finished, most of this is unfinished, but I'm darn proud of what I've done so far Ok so first up is a simple page of reference images… more »

The land of homework


Being swamped with work is horrible, although it's my fault so I can't moan ^^ instead of it being easy work though, it's art, which can be hard. There are three pieces of coursework this term (like last) two of them being work done at home and such,… more »

Window of reflection


Ok so I'm trying to finish my art coursework at the moment, which I hope will all get finished in time, if not I won't be too happy, since this is my first piece of two. The whole thing looks like Although this is a real old picture and it's finished… more »

Life Drawing again


Ok so it was the fourth session of life drawing, I was pretty pooped, but managed to survive. I've also done a few other sketches which I may put up on here later, or I could pop them on the forum ^^. Either way, it's naked lady time. WARNING, WARNING,… more »

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