Two Hundred and Twenty: London Riots

So as most will know, London and parts of the UK were hit with riots, rendering people homeless and without jobs, sadly with a Tory government that cuts the things that benefit the poor, things like this happen.

That or kids feel like revolting and nabbing some free stuff while they?re at it, I feel sorry for all the people that have been affected by it and I hope that the towns can mend themselves once these riots are over.

Image courtesy of the BBC

I also hope that the riots didn't affect anyone visiting the UK and it doesn't change their opinion of our country, it can be crappy in places but we've got some pretty cool places too which make it a lovely place to visit as well as lots of points that make it a great place to live.

like the lake district

Two Hundred and Nineteen: Starting Kero

While working on Sackboy I felt like starting off something new for when Sackboy was finished, and looking through my patterns I decided to start making a character that some may or may not be familiar with.

He was a mascot in an anime series that I watched when I was in Secondary School as they were airing it on CiTV at the time and that was Cardcaptors.

So I'm making a little Kero who was completely adorable in the show and would usually be found stuffing his face with pudding.

I had picked up a random ball of wool one day and taken it with me and I'm using that so he won't be as golden yellow as he should be, but he should still be recognisable I hope.

Two Hundred and Eighteen: Some more Sackboying

I've gotten both of Sackboy's legs stuffed now, they super cute and simple to stuff as I have the little feet caps like I showed before. Then it's just a case of stuffing the leg full with fluff and putting the cap on top and just sewing along the edge. I can't believe how easy it is to do these bits.

I haven't had that much fun sewing things shut before as they haven't lined up as perfectly, so I'm hoping the rest of Sackboy is as easy as this.

Two Hundred and Seventeen: A trip to Somerset House

Even though Somerset House is right by London Waterloo station I've never actually visited the place. I always find out about their screenings way too late when I want to attend them, as they usually show some really awesome films on a massive screen outside.

However this time round I did attend a talk they helped arrange with two designers from Electronic Arts Bright Light which were Gary Napper and Mike Barwise. The presentation itself was about the development of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and was spot on. I think all the children attended loved hearing a bit more into how games are developed. Some of it may have been a little over their heads due to the age of some of them, but I felt the older kids really benefitted.

It was a great presentation and I feel the best question asked was from a young boy who asked them how they fit such a large game into a DS cartridge; it was so innocent and cute!

I only hope Somerset House do more events like this in the future as games aren?t generally welcomed in by that many venues. Although of course both the Barbican and Science Museum have welcomed Game On over the last 9 years (it?s been almost 10 years since I attended the original Game On!) I only hope we get similar exhibits in the upcoming years as well.

Somerset house is a beautiful building and I only hope I find out about screenings in advance so I can finally see a film there.

Two Hundred and Sixteen: Working some more on Sackboy

I've put together Sackboy's arms and hands now. Luckily they weren't as complex as I was dreading and thanks to the lovely instructions that the lady made it was super easy to follow. The only real complex part of it was doing the left hand as I had to make it the same way as the right but kind of backwards.

This means his left hand isn't as cool, but I'm sure it'll all look cute when he's stuffed and finished.

If you look closely you can see that the fingers in fact look really creepy.

Two Hundred and Fifteen: A new game of Mario Tennis

I managed to get myself a pretty good condition copy of Mario Tennis on the N64, which oddly enough I didn't already have, even though I originally thought I did. Perhaps I was getting confused with Mario Golf.

It's always nice to pick up a boxed N64 game as it's not every day you come across one. Last time I remember picking up a boxed N64 game may have been picking up Kirby and the Crystal Shards from a Gamestation which was a long time ago.

Two Hundred and Fourteen: Epic times with Epic Win

When I first picked up a device running iOS I knew one application that was at the top of my list to pick up was Epic Win.

Epic Win was the product of Rex Crowle aka Rexbox and SuperMono; and they have created a gameified version of a task list. So for those out there who aren't so great at sticking to things they're supposed to be doing it works as a helpful reminder.

Of course it may not work for some, but it's a great way to level up an interesting character and collect some loot while doing all those chores that are needed to be done.

You can set up tasks for certain dates, set them to reoccur or to give them no set date for being completed. As well as that any tasks that were set for a certain date but weren't completed, are then automatically added to a backlog of tasks.

By gameifying daily tasks and containing a brilliant stylistic approach to the characters, Epic Win is certainly one of the more polished titles available for the iOS platform.

The only fault I find with it is when creating tasks you assign the stat that the quest will affect as well as the "Epicness" of the quest which determines the amount of quest related XP you get. Meaning should you wish you can cheat your way into levelling up your character. Also the background music doesn't loop that well, but this is of course only noticeable if you're only listening to the app and have no music playing.

It also supports functionality with Twitter, tweeting updates for if you level up as well as the ability to link it with a GoogleCalendar should you use the Google calendar system.

It's an Epic app and I highly recommend people picking it up if you're a fan of Rex or need a little more motivation for getting your stuff done.

Two Hundred and Thirteen: Farewell to Eratosthenes

Sadly my first millipede has passed on now; I bought Eratosthenes from the Yeovil Bug Fest back in Feburary 2010. I'd had him for around a year and a half but I of course had no idea of how old he actually was to begin with. From seeing how slowly babies grow in a year I can only imagine he was actually a lot older than I originally presumed.

So farewell Eratosthenes, you helped expand my love of millipedes and you were my first Archispirostreptus gigas and I hope you enjoyed living in my variety of tanks. I would have liked for him to live longer than he did but who knows how old he actually was.

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