One Hundred and Ninety Six: Looking back at Sackboy

Continuing on with my Sackboy I've completed his back, it's actually pretty tiny, however the size of a Sackboy's head is quite large in proportion to his body.

One Hundred and Ninety Five: Some new games

Over the past few weeks I've picked up a few games from boot sales, not a huge amount sadly as there has been less and less games with each one I attend.

The most recent purchase of these is the spare copy of Kurushi, which for 50p I couldn't not pick up. Plus the disc is in immaculate condition with no scratches which I imagine is better than my other copy of the game.

Toonenstein and Kileak the Blood were two games I haven't played before so I made sure to pick those up, especially as I hadn't seen Kileak at a boot sale before. I also bought Cyberball as it was Japanese and Charlotte claimed Batman & Robin was rare.

Then also down the bottom you can see Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble which I had never even seen before! Which is crazy as I thought I had almost every Sonic title. Ren and Stimpy Veediots! Is the Gameboy game in the picture, which was sadly a bit of a shocking game.

Fingers crossed I get some more good games soon.

One Hundred and Ninety Four: Reading on trains

I've never been a huge reader of books, perhaps with the breadth of technology at my disposal as well as no travelling longer than 20 minutes. However with changed times I now have lots of time to read so I picked this up from a local bookstore to read through after thoroughly enjoying Time out of Joint.

Hopefully I'll enjoy it and then perhaps read a few more Philip K. Dick books.

One Hundred and Ninety Three: My lovely new large books

I did promise I'd show off the books I picked up from the London Film Comic Con, and here they are in all their glory.

I had been wanting to pick up the Oddworld Inhabitants book since it was originally released from Ballistic Publishing back in 2004. Then the more recent Art of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves caught my eye instantly and the Alien Vault which isn't actually released until September.

They were all amazingly priced and I couldn't not pick them up, so I ended up having to lug them all around London.

One Hundred and Ninety Two: An Apple device

I finally gave in and picked up something made by Apple, now the only reason I gave in was because I enjoy games so much I felt I was missing out on certain games that I needed to play.

Well there's a few out there hidden on the iTunes store that I couldn't resist and I'm glad I picked it up.

I've even popped one of my cute stickers from LFCC on the case I picked up for it. So at least it's got my own personal touch.

Some of the first titles I tried out were the following.

  • WINtA
  • The Incident
  • Tumbledrop
  • Beneath a Steel Sky remastered
  • Tiny Tower
  • Game Dev Story
  • Hard Lines
  • AllRecipes App
  • Swords and Soldiers (as I played it on WiiWare)
  • Epic Win

Of course I've only named a few games/apps, I've downloaded a load more and I'm happy that I'm not missing out releases for this platform anymore.

Also if any readers have any recommendations for iOS games please send them my way.

One Hundred and Ninety One: Gingerbread cookies!

I love to make gingerbread cookies, I usually do them for special occasions, and starting a new job felt good enough occasion to do so.

In the past I've taken them along to a Women in Games conference back when I was attending university and then also when at GameCity in 2009. As well as that they're something I always make at Christmas time now, I've done so for the last two years and they always go down well.

However they're not normal gingerbread cookies as you can see above, they're videogame shaped gingerbread cookies! The easiest things to make are of course Pac-man, Tetriminos and Tri-Forces, however I also made some Darwinian's, Meeples, a Prince, even some asteroids ships with asteroids. It's always loads of fun to make them, although it is time consuming to make something so specific or detailed at times.

One Hundred and Ninety: LFCC, pulled pork and some great company

So today marked a few things, firstly the London Film Comic Con, secondly meeting up with some good friends and then third getting to eat something really quite tasty.

So to start with I got up nice and early to head down to the London Film Comic Con at Earl's Court. I used to attend signing events more often but as time has gone by I've done so less and less. My main reasons for attending were to see Devon Murray and Richard Hatch.

Nintendo also had a presence there, like at most events nowadays and they actually had Starfox 3DS playable, so I made sure to get a little time on it and see if it was then on my list of games to buy or avoid. I must say the motion controls work well for it as well as the analogue stick controls. At the end of the day it isn't a bad port of the N64 title.

As well as all of that I was able to pick up some great books which I'm sure I'll show in a later post. Sadly there was a lack of other good merchandise, games or memorabilia to keep me super interested. The only other thing I picked up was a handful of cute stickers from a lady who had made them herself.

So after scooting around the Excel centre for as long as I could I then made my way back to the Southbank to meet a few people at the BFI as a sort of reunion. As well as meeting up with Charlotte beforehand so we could go together. However we took a detour to the Pittcue Co. to get some tasty American cuisine, I once again went with some Pulled Pork whereas Charlotte went for some Brisket.

Both were extremely tasty and came with delicious pickles and served with some refried black beans. It was a great lunchtime snack to have such a lovely day and I highly recommend them if you're looking for something to eat around the Southbank.

One Hundred and Eighty Nine: Continuing on with a sackboy

While on the plane to E3 I started off a new crochet piece to give to Charlotte, and as you may have guessed from the title, I delved into creating a Sackboy.

I didn't get a huge amount done on the plane, in fact I only made half of its head, well today I picked it up again and made the other half of the head and started looking into the other pieces.

Hopefully I can get him finished soon, fingers crossed he turns out cute.

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