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Heavy Character Rig


After finding out we will be able to get changeable characters in our game, thanks to our programmer. The heavy character got rigged quickly so that animating could start being carried out.

Below is a video showing the controls of the rig with its texture applied.



As you can see his rig is quite similar to the neutral character, with the slight changes being a fat control on his tummy and no face control. Caryn is now busy animating him so expect some animations on here soon.

Character Changes working in Unreal 3


We have recently jumped a huge step in our game, mainly because our programmer Rachel Cordone sent us some script which allows us to have changeable characters from trigger points. Below is a small video just showing what it allows us to do.

It is currently using the unreal defaults, but we are getting our characters in at this present time with her help. Although as you should be able to see with the run through that each character that the test changes to has their own speed and abilities.



The first character can run very fast and jump, where as the second character cannot jump and is much slower, and then the third character is even slower and cannot jump either.
It is just amazing what she has given us, as without her we may have been in a bit of a sticky situation.

Graduate show


I shall be doing a few entries on my upcoming graduate show, although not too many to ruin any surprises that we have in store. My year has teamed together and divided work up so that we can try to create a memorable graduate show that will attract hopefully some attention.


I'm have volunteered for being in charge of sending out invitations and food (so I'm getting invitations and stickers printed very soon!), I'm very happy to of taken care of these tasks, my sister Charlotte is also hoping to help me out with food as we both enjoy cooking. As I would prefer that our graduate show has a more homemade feel, as opposed to food straight out of a packet which can be bland in taste.


The show is not until the 29th of May, but we intend to start sending out invites very soon, along with the website which is soon to go live. Until then I won't spoil any surprises to what the graduate show is to entail, other than showing this image that Debbie has drawn for it.


Monster attack

Whiteboxing tests


Through the duration of the production of Void I started carrying out tests with the material editor in the engine, fiddling about with practice textures, and altering them with expressions in the material editor.


Through various testings I came up with a test room for the Anemone Sea, as you can see in the video below.



One instance that I am still toying with is that if you notice when further away from the orange pads they change in colour, from this I am trying to change the colours to which they are affected by shadows. Where as at this current time they gain a greenish tint.


I had since then put together the Emerald Cavern, and am currently still putting it together, changing meshes, sounds and defaults.


Nice finished off Rig


Since we started production of the Void project I had only been assigned one task, it makes me feel really bad that I spent so long on it, but it was due to changes each week that I continued on developing it.

I had the task of getting the neutral character rigged, it has gone through many iterations. It started very very simple, but has progressed to a more complex rig.


Which has finally led it to look like this





With the two original designs of the rig, I was unaware of controls and manipulators, all I had previously done in the past was a couple of IK handles and a spline curve, and been told about IK FK Blends by a nice person from Blitz.

Although after going through different steps I then created a good rig which works in the engine. The video above shows it when it wasn't working in the engine, due to an unknown reason. This caused me to have to start the rig from scratch. But it then meant that every step I did with the rig now was tested after being added. So to insure that it didn't have any further problems. If it did I could then go back a stage. I now realise unreal needs tests done constantly as it seems like quite a fragile engine.


Either way you look at it, Unreal has made me more aware of the chances of problems. previously I would save a few different files, but now with each iteration it means if anything is to go wrong, I just have to look for the right file.


We now have a nice rigged character, and Caryn is busy animating it.


Also if anyone is wondering, the Unreal 3 engine does not run on a Dell mini 9, so now I have to figure out another way to take our current game about.


Must also say I really like the movement in the problem rig, makes me think of World Record.

Guess what is finally out of the way?


You probably didn't guess anything, but my dissertation is now finished, it was actually finished last week, but it was only printed and bound today. I put a lot of effort and heart into those 9000 words excluding quotes.




I wouldn't normally blog about something like this but I was just too happy to be holding it in my hands knowing it was finished.

Void and where I see it going


Well currently we are all hoping to get a finished version of the game out of our third year project.


I am going to be taking it to the Blitz Open day to show it to a few people there, as well as getting to see how Blitz runs at the same time.


We will be taking it to Games Grads, not entirely sure on how much we shall be taken, depends on what is completed at this point.


I would also like to go to Develop this year as well, as I haven't managed to attend the conference yet, and would like to go see some of the keynotes while also showing our groups working to numerous people.


Finally our game will be going to GameCity, mainly thanks to our lovely lecturer David Surman getting a space for Computer Games Design graduates to show our work off.


If any other events pop up Void will hopefully make an appearance.

Void Project Blog


Dear Readers,


As well as reading about the work I produce for the Void game on this blog, the group I am a part of also have a collaborative blog for every piece of work produced to be published on. As reading it from my blog it's quite one sided as I will tend to only post up my work.


I am currently putting up most items on the blog, but I am sure other team members will contribute over time. Either way it's a place for everybody's work to be shown together, which fills in all the pieces our individual blogs are in some cases missing.


On the blog at the moment there is all the pre-production work that has been produced up until now, and there will hopefully soon be images from the production phase as well.


You can find the blog at


Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to visit every now and again.



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