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Nice coral images


I found some really nice coral images, other than the one I posted previously,




These are just a few examples of the images I found, which in total came to about 100. These photos in particular came from Marine Life Photography, I found various others on other really good sites, one of which I lost the link to, they were really amazing looking images, but I won't post them up as I can't fully reference the website they came from.

I really do enjoy researching things before helping design them. I've managed to see so many different varieties of coral that I didn't even know existed. I've put some of the most interesting ones on my walls in my room, so I am then influenced by the right things.




Ok so like all good ideas, things change, ideas will spur other ideas in different directions, then turning everything around. From my original brief summary I posted, the game is now going to start inside a large shell like, enclosed area. Which will be enclosed for a brief amount of time, that will branch out after a while onto a wide open area.

The open space will contain Daliesque objects that will have to be scaled up to reach the top.

Coral is now a huge factor in the game, which is also due to why the game takes place in a large shell, I've done a lot of research into coral for it, including gathering a substantial amount of images.

We have chosen coral due to the amazing colours they possess, and the variations that can be found in each one. It will also make it easier when it comes to creating the environment as we then have real items to base it round.

I really enjoyed finding images like the one below, the idea of the species of sea life engulfing a fish/object, along with the free movement that it displays through the current carried in the water, just feeds me with inspiration.

Photograph taken by Stig Thormodsrud

Image is from Deep Sea Images

Brainstorming ideas



I came up with various ideas related to the project, starting with ideas for different contraptions to populate the level, and different puzzles, I'll list my puzzle ideas, as they're brief notes at this time and I intend on expanding on them.


  • Run into a fan with the speedy state, then float up in the draft.
  • Jump up to a lever, then become heavy to bring it down and activate it.
  • Push a block into a hole to free the path ahead.
  • Float up and then fall down to smash an item.
  • Jumping from platform to platform.
  • Jumping from platform to platform, then with a fan on top so you have to change to the floaty state to gain more height.
  • Platform at an angle that you must gain speed to run up.
  • A combination of colours have to be hit by the heavy state, to make an object appear.
  • A block is moving down some platforms that makes stairs, you have to change to the floaty state to get caught in an updraft from the block hitting a step.
  • Revolving platforms where you must jump to the next platform at the right time.
  • Platforms which move up and down dependant on weight - requiring you to change states repeatedly to allow you to continue on to the next platform.


These ideas/notes are very game like, so I hope with some feedback from the group I will be able to develop them further.

VOID - The chosen idea



After all meeting up we decided to go with Rob's idea, which is entitled Void, I won't go into huge detail about it, as he didn't really have a concept document for us to look at, was kind of from his mind and a mixture of notes.


Basically the game takes place in a void, you are a single character that can interact with your surroundings, similar to a playground.


So think the loading part in Assassin's Creed meets Psychonauts and a few other things.


Rob's idea seems really interesting and I look forward to seeing how much it progresses as we develop the idea further.


We get to pitch it in a few days, although I feel Rob will be doing most of the talking for it all, as the main details of the idea are all stuck in his head. Although we're all writing the presentation up together, so at least we've all had some input.

Back at University


Ok well after a long eventful summer of working with a few things on the side (I will try and do some entries for some events) I am now back at university, so expect to see some work here soon, or as soon as I find out what I'm doing. In the mean time I might try some sketching to keep me in the mood for drawing.

I'm also testing Windows Live Writer when I write this, seems quite good, if it comes out ok then I may use this for all my future blog entries. It?s a lot nicer to be able to open up a program installed on my computer and just write stuff without the hassle of opening up my browser and then logging into my blog.

Group Project



Ok so the third year project is underway, I am in a group with three other people, Caryn, Andy and Rob, I've only managed to work with Caryn before so I'm excited to work with new people, especially after seeing work they have produced over the years.


We will be coming up with ideas over the summer and then meeting back before university starts up again, so we can pitch our ideas to each other.


I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Week 9 of the group project *final week*


Ongoing work: Looking about for music and sound effects

Work Assigned: Get the starting fmv completely finished and rendered off with the same export settings as the other fmv.

Ok so my work was slightly carried on from last week, but even if I had finished it completely I would have had to render it out again, plus Dave made some good comments on how I could improve it, so here's the final .avi.

I am now in search of a composer to get the music done :) hopefully all will go well and I'll have a nice piece to present at the presentation.

I must say I'm really happy with it as I managed to finish, render and edit it, while working all of over the weekend and do the GTA IV launch, that all aside now I just have to finish off the paperwork and it's all finished.

And I now hopefully plan to over the summer brush up on my modelling, rigging and animation skills :)

EDIT: As you can tell it has music now :)

Week 8 of the group project


Ongoing work: getting used to animating

Work Assigned: cat run animation
cat looking up animation
model & texture a ball for the starting cutscene
scale bear
any other cat animations needed
starting fmv
maybe look about for sound effects & music

Ok so we all decided to try and get pretty much everything finished for this week, and everyone agreed on what we all should do. Firstly I did the pieces that other people may need, and that would take less time than bigger pieces of work.

So I did the cat's run cycle:

And then the cat being afraid (the big purple rectangle is a placeholder for the boss robot)

I then started getting the scene together for the starting fmv.

Although after spending so much time on it, I didn't managed to completely finish a tiny bit of it, being one of the robots arms moving around, plus the bomb-bots weren't walking as I didn't recieve the walk cycle from Chris.

So I didn't manage to render it off for the meeting, but that means I am then able to make sure I render it the same as everyone else, and now I've had people comment on things that could change, which will make it much better.

We have also now had an engine change so everything is now going into unreal, instead of torque.

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