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A little bit of drawing...or is it doodling


Ok well in honour of having work to do, I'm getting into the mood of drawing again, so I've just been doing a few pictures to keep myself busy. Now I know they ain't perfect, but this is just to speed up my drawing a bit.

Click on the images to see a larger version.


bunny bunny

inspired by haribo

its creeping me out

Whatcha think? comments are welcome, I'm always wanting to improve them ^_^ bunny bunny guy was like a 5 min sketch where as I spent a little longer on the other two. And couldn't be arsed with perfecting the strawberry (mouth yellow bits etc) as I was being HASSLED to play a game :P.

EDIT: added my freaky cow, it's kinda cool but it's scarying me O_o.

First time flash user


Ok well yesterday, being Tuesday I had my first flash tutorial type thing, ok well for 3 hours or whatever it was, it was kinda a waste of time, as they guy was explaining all the tools, which is just photoshop common knowledge mainly, anywho I'm sure it was useful for some people :) and I learnt how to use flash, bar action scripting (main thing I needa learn :P). As there were more people than computers I shared one with Duncan, and we made this together

I did the drawing part, and he animated the sun, as he was busy making a gun in flash at the same time ^_^. Yes it may suck, but for my first thing, it's pretty cool looking :).

And yes I know the sun doesn't get smaller as it goes up ^_^.

Yay my first grade


Well I'm completely new to the whole university grading system, but I just got back my first piece of work, which was ironically the last piece I had given in. Anywho it was an essay on how digital games can produce play unlike that in pre-digital, in other words what do video games have that board games can't do.

And amazingly I managed to get a B13 which I am really happy with :) I thought I'd do really bad ^_^ so it was well worth spending all that time on it then :p.

Can't wait for all my other results...or can I :(

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