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Tomena Sanner review


Many months ago I was shown a trailer of a WiiWare title that was soon to be coming out, and a couple of days ago I bought it, and that game was Tomena Sanner. I had honestly forgotten about it, as it was so long ago, but I was browsing the Wii… more »

A look back over 2009


After seeing Korina’s blog entry I felt the need to also do a recap on the goings on of 2009 from my perspective, or at least what I can remember happening. It's pretty much 2010, I must say 2009 was maybe one of my best years, so I thought I’d try and… more »

Rex's Junk Hunt Post-mortem


So I thought I’d write up a post-mortem on my game, so I’ll just outline the key points which I have come up with. What went well The art – I’m quite happy with the images I created for it, it could have been a little better in some cases, but… more »

FLIPS on DS released


Ok this entry was supposed to have gone up back when FLIPS came out on the 4th of December, but I've been a very busy bunny and haven't had enough time to do so. So I posted about FLIPS back in October when they were announced. The four titles released… more »

Ludum Dare 16


So last weekend I took part in the Ludum Dare #16 48 hour game jam. Having previously participated in the Global Game Jam 09 I was looking forward to taking part in this event too. Similar to the GGJ you are given a theme when the competition starts in… more »

Heavy Rain Chronicles and Special Edition


Sony recently announced on their EU blog about Heavy Rain DLC, called "The Heavy Rain Chronicles". As well as the nice news of getting more character centric Heavy Rain DLC, they've also announced a special edition version of the game, although… more »

Bonsai Barber on WiiWare


So my first official WiiWare title that I decided to purchase was Bonsai Barber (I just wanted to write about NyxQuest first). It came out back in August (March in NA), and was developed by Zoonami, who are based in Cambridge and headed by Martin… more »

NyxQuest Kindered Spirits on WiiWare


So one thing I've tried to do recently is buy a few more digital release games (I never used to so much as I prefer owning copies), as I know have a steady flow of money I felt I should buy a few games on WiiWare. The first that I actually bought was… more »

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