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Gregory Horror Show Miniatures


Ok well a month of so back I purchased a box of 20 packs of Gregory Horror Show miniatures, as they were super cheap and just sounded awesome, a lot of waiting later I got them :)

And I must say they are amazing, now the only reason I bought them was for how nice they would look on my shelf, I have no idea of how the game would play as I only bought a box of the figure packs, as opposed to buying the card packs or starter decks.

But yeah I advise everyone to get them if they like Gregory horror, as they're nicely painted and very detailed, only problem I have with them is that one of my packs (they come in packs of two figures) only had one figure in it, now I must say upperdeck have done an amazing job in making them, but I'm complaining about that :P.

Only thing I find really annoying is I'm not too sure of how many there are of them, as from the numbers of common, uncommon and rare the boxes says adds up to 24, but one of my monsters has the number 25 on him so I'm a little confused.

I know you're waiting to see them though, here they are in all their glory.

Now this was the best picture I took, and you can't see all of them there, but they are really nice, if anyone wants to see any more images just ask :)

Only annoying thing like all little collectables, be it pokemon cards, trading arts of gashapons I now have doubles, which of course are looking for a new home ^__^

Adam Buxton!


Adam buxton, maybe you'll recognise his face =)

Ok so I haven't blogged in a while, but I thought I'd just do myself a quick little entry, as I was on a train and who did I happen to see (and get to move his bag as I was trying to stuff mine in the luggage bit) but none other than Adam Buxton.

If you haven't heard of him before you may have heard of him from the Adam & Joe show, heck or Adam & Joe go Tokyo (awesome show), he was also in a recent comedy sketch that was shown on channel 4 in their comedy showcase called Ladies & Gentlemen, or maybe even in Stardust, or jeez if you haven't seen any of that he was the reporter in Hot Fuzz which I'm sure everyone remembers, and hey you can check out his blog here.

But yeah so I was unsure if it was Adam or not, so I popped over once there wasn't people walking through the isle on the train and had a little chat, which was cool, he's an awesome guy and I love how softly spoken he is ^__^

Yeah, so what was a very tiring train ride (I was working before hand) ended up being really cool :D

I love handmade products


Ok so a few weeks back was the first games society meeting, in the games lab they have loads of magazines, so I was bored and flicked through some. I looked through Games Master, which I haven't done it a while, but they now do loads of different things, including a little part on people dedicated to games and stuff, and I saw a link to a website of a lady who had made a prince plushie. So of course I wrote down the link and then looked back at it later. I'd had the page up for days and then finally decided to order some cuteness, including birthday presents, which of course I won't be showing in the entry ^__^. But yeah so after about 11 days from ordering it, it came :) which was today of course, and it was cool cos I also recieved my japan centre order as well containing these, and also some panko breadcrumbs which were sat on my desk at the time of the picture being taken ^__^


But the Japan centre order was cool because I got an issue of Fruits :D, which is amazing because it's magazine sized, as opposed to little book sized. And then a few hours later came my lovely paper crane order, I thought it was cute enough as it was in a shoe box, which then made me think back to a blog entry Alice at had done about how she loves etsy because everything is so personal. Well opening the shoe box made me feel the same way. Because when I finally managed to get past the stickey tape I smiled when I took off the top. Because inside on the top of the items was a little package, which contained a postcard, little buisness type card, a sticker and some sweeties :)


I must say I didn't expect getting anything other than what I ordered, but it did cross my mind, as when ordering my Jon Burgerman belt I got a cute little sticker with it ^__^. I'd post like pictures of each thing, but I don't see that much point, but I'm sure from the pictures you can tell it's all very cute. The postcard is one of the most awesome bits though, because of the back of it, as you can see from the picture :P. I woulda got myself some cute burnt toast like on the postcard, but I wanted happy toast :P.


All round I'm so happy I made an order at My Paper Crane and if she makes anything else equally as cute I may have to buy more from her, and of course see what I get next time :) Oh yeah and other than a couple of presents for Charlotte I bought an amazing piece of happy toast, which I'm really happy with :) I also recently bought a lovely looking Sushi bracelet can't wait to get it :) So yeah look forward to an entry showing that, and also a few more things within the next few weeks. Hopefully something on life drawing and also my Japanese classes too :D

Revisting Kareshi Kanojo no Jijô


Years and years ago I'd bought myself the first dvd of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijô, or as known over here His and Her Circumstances, or as I will be calling it for short Kare Kano.

After loving the series from the first dvd (and after reading the manga of course) I then had to buy the second dvd, and since the second disc I had to buy them all but never got round to it, as they have yet to be released in the UK.

I love my anime, and of course Shôjo, but there's just something about Kare Kano that makes it feel more special to me, now I prefer the story of Peach Girl, but theres just something style wise about Kare Kano that makes me just want to watch it again and again.

As well as having the normal cute points that anime is full of, it's full of the use of the manga strips, along with lovely drawn looking images, throughout the relationship with Arima and Yukino.

Soichiro Arima

Also in the first half of the series the credits would roll on a camera strolling quite quickly through places which I suppose you could say are common in the series, so places like school hallways, but it's filmed with a bit of fish eye type lens, but I just like it more than showing characters as its quite inventive.

Also it's odd as the transition images as the series progresses get even more abstract, I haven't finished watching the series though so I am unsure of how everything ends up and looks :D

I dunno really, I just thought I'd do a blog just showing a bit of appreciation of the series, as I prefer it compared to lots of the stuff I watch, although Azumanga Daioh is still quite good.

Now all I needa do is buy myself the Shinkai collection which came out a little while ago, especially since at only £9.98 you can't not buy it!

Happy Birthday Paul ^__^


That cake looks amazing O_o

But yeah, happy birthday :)

Charlotte fails


If you saw this man in the street would you ask for a picture with him?

Russell T Davies

Well would you?

Especially if you know who it actually is!

Well Charlotte didn't.

And due to this...she fails.

I even offered to ask him, but we just watched him walk down the street.

Long time no speak


Ok so I've been away for a while, due to the lack of internet and the constant moving about of myself and my things, but I'm finally settled in a cute little house :)

I'll just fill everyone in by posting a few pictures :)

Here is my lovely bedroom, much better than my crappy on campus room, and it has a double bed!!!

My lovely bed

And if you lie down on my bed you shall now see the following ^__^

I love my photos :)

And then if you turn your head you can see my computer, which is currently very much missing the internet, along with my books and crap as charlotte would put it.

My set up :)

You can also have a sneak peak of Charlottes room, including her Buffy Calender :P

Charlottes room ^__^

Then there is the cute little kitchen which currently houses a chair in it, so I can sit and watch Charlotte pulse fruit in her machine thing, she made Nectarine sorbet yesterday/today ^__^.

Widdle kitchen

Next to the kitchen there is then the dining room, which has now got a nice little tablecloth on it thanks to Charlotte, and it's nice arrangement of lavender with two roses from the garden :)

Much nicer than the university kitchens

Then last but not least the living room, where you can see the sofa...not too much going on but its a nice little sofa, good for snuggling up.

Comfy sofa :)

Then we also have a cute little neighbour cat, who keeps sleeping on our path outside the house, and was also spotted sleeping on our shed, how rude, but insanely cute :)

Our little neighbour

And last but not least i brought my shark from home to the new place, he's oh so cuddly, but won't be taking over Moo.

Our new resident sharky

And that's it from me for now...hopefully I'll have the internet in a week or so, no idea, so I bid you all farewell :).

Tomb Raider Anniversary


Ok so of course the second my RSS feed told me there was a demo for the new Tomb Raider game I had to download it. So I set it to download last night, and had a go of it this morning.

Now I'm a tad disappointed it doesn't look as pretty as Legend, the level design is nice and all, but Lara doesn't match up to what she was in the previous game, plus the fact I'm sure her breasts have grown a few sizes as well.

It's got the same lovely Legend feel with the start screen, although, that means it won't have the same cute selection screen like the original did, where you could choose to use her passport, meaning start playing the game, but it still looks pretty.

It looks luvery

Although as Charlotte pointed out to me if you watch the title screen for a while she will stretch and I warn you there is bouncing.

The Demo chucks you straight into the game, no cutscene or anything (bearing in mind it is a demo though) and it tells you where you are, the only thing that killed it for me when this happened was the blur. As you can see from the screenshot I took.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my eyes

It really hurt my eyes first time I tried to focus on it, but I got used to it in the end. Now, one lovely aspect of this game is the loading screens, complete nostalgia to the original, if you've played it and the demo you should know what I mean, only thing I didn't like is you didn't get a loading screen before the game started. But that's good I suppose?

Once placed in the space you descend onto some lower area, where you are faced with wolves to kill (oh my a random encounter) once I killed these doggies it really made me realise how much Legend was not a Tomb Raider game. Tomb Raider was always walking around and then suddenly you get attacked by some sort of animal. But Legend you only really had enemies when you were pretty much scripted to in the story, it was like: Cutscene of guys - kill guys - jump about lots - cutscene of some guys - kill them. (But yes I realise there were some animals in it too)

I must say I prefer Anniversary for the fact its surprise attacks, bar of course with bosses.

Ok so the second I had killed them, Charlotte from behind me yelled "Jump in the water, jump in the water" And yes Lara does get wet in a sense, and as Charlotte also pointed out her top gets darker once being in the water. But the water also gives Lara a rippled look, as in the part of her under the water, although there seems to be a bit of a glitch with it, and her face ripples too.


Even though I wouldn't call it so much of a next gen game, it gives a nice illusion of depth with the camera angles at times, as you can see from the picture.

pretty level design

Although with saying the depth is nice, Lara does seem rather small in comparison to a lot of the objects in the world.

All in all the demo is a nice piece of work, I found a few bugs and I hope they'll be straightened out, if not I hope a patch is released that will fix them. I find the controls a bit funny on the PC but that may be as I played Legend on the Xbox 360. I just hope the full game will give me the lovely feeling of nostalgia, and if the Croft manor is not like in the original game I will be an unhappy bunny.

And as an end note

I hate bears with a passion

I recommend people try the demo, I will certainly be buying the game on Friday, I hope it doesn't disappoint.

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