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A trip to Lionhead (Guildford)


Ok well as some people may know I went to Lionhead a few weeks ago, for what they call work experience, I'd just call it testing, but it was a whole mix of things anyway. My sister booked us a place for work experience about a year ago, which may seem really shocking, but it is Lionhead one of the biggest and well known game companies in the UK.

Anyway, so it was the easter break so we'd travelled back home anyway, so it was less of a train journey to Guildford, we headed out on Sunday the 8th of April booked into our hotel (the YMCA) and then had a pop around Guildford which seemed like a lovely place, especially at the time of day we were there, as the YMCA weren't feeding us as it was easter sunday we decided to eat at TGI Fridays, and it was such a nice experience, the food was lovely (especially the breaded mozerella) and the amazing popcorn brownie sundae which was the best thing ever.

It's yummier than it looks

Ok so the next day was a bank holiday so we missed out on a day of testing :( so we decided to go shopping. Where our "replacement moo" popped up in a few places such as:

Some statue


The old hospital

Amungst eating lovely dinners and breakfasts at the YMCA there was the amazingness of Lionhead. The first day we caught the bus there we got there really early, as did another guy which we presumed was also doing the testing as well.

While I was trying to work out if we would be able to catch buses home in time for dinner.

Its amazing we actually got buses home in time

Charlotte was busy taking some pictures, here you can see Lionhead's studio.

its all in such a lovely green area

From a little far away, but its in a lovely scenic area, right by tesco's which must be rather handy in the long run.

And also Luke, who was the guy testing at the same time as us.

playing on his lovely pink ds

As we entered the nice little building we were confronted with a real pretty reception desk, with accompanying concept art and various awards.

there's a lot of random awards there too

Anywho after a nice introduction to Lionhead from the lovely Claire, and also a nice guided tour we were left in the hands of the lead test - Nathan and the assistant lead - Kiernan, who are very lovely guys.

After the first few days we had been given some awesome free items, well firstly a nice sealed copy of Fable from Claire while being introduced, and then a wonderful poster the day after, which is going to be framed and put up in our new house in the summer.

wheee free stuff

After a week full of testing (well 4 days actually) we were so tired, the whole 10-6 get up of working lots was very strange to us, well university is pretty laid back in comparison, even little moo was tired.

he stole my bed

Along with meeting the likes of Dene Carter, Alex...scripter guy :), the awesome Adam, John McCormack, seeing Mike the concept artists amazing work, and lots of other people with so many names I cannot remember O_o.

Yet we did not get to meet Peter Molyneux, myself and Charlotte were completely bummed at that, but there's always other times I'm sure.

But yes along with lovely free drinks and talking to some really interesting people I had an immense amount of fun at Lionhead, I will not mention about the three somethings that we had a play with, or the special something we got to see, or how amazing some things are. But it was great, I must say I would be honoured to be able to get a job in the next few years at Lionhead.

Plus they need more girlies :D.

But we didn't leave empty handed...or well with just the posters and games, we were also given a cute little certificate each, which actually wasn't signed by many people, but when we were so kindly given a lift by Claire back to the YMCA we asked if she could sign it, cos you can't forget Claire :) and she ended up getting it signed by a whole bunch of people :) and we were sneaky and also got her get one of our Fable inlays signed too. Thank you so much Claire, it's amazin!

Wheeee I'm chuffed to pieces

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Lionhead, and I hope I will get to see the place again.

And I cannot wait for Fable 2!

Nagi Noda


Now it's very obscure but I just really want to share this with everyone, I was shown it in a lecture yesterday by our resident maya man Mike, and well it's so cool and the singing is amazing and so catchy, plus it's a nice bit of work so yeah, I hope everyone enjoys it

OMG new belt attack!


Ok well after going to Game On (must write up my entry on that :p) and buying myself a few lovely illustrated Jon Burgerman things I decided to have a look on his website, as it was on my two badges I have ^_^. So I had a look around, then looked at the shop to see if there was anything nice, and of course there was this uber cool belt, made by yummy industries, so I treated myself to one :) as my old belt had gotten trodden on a few times and the buckle mechanism had kinda broken.

It was cute though, as Charlotte got the post, and she immediatley knew it was my belt cos of a cute sticker on the front


The little sticker saying Jon Burgerman was on the front, which is like uber cute ^_^, I also had this little um wolf kid? inside with my belt, both stickers :)

The belt also had a label (weird for a belt if ya ask me) which is made of paper

And the other side of it.

It's cute cos it's says Bugerland ^_^ and his last name is burger-man I'm so simple ._.

Ok and heres the belt in all it's glory, I thought I should use flash more often, so I decided to show it using flash, yeah it was simple, but alot easier for me to upload than tons of pictures :P. Cool huh? It's supposed to glow in the dark as well but well I guess I haven't given it enough sunlight.

Happy Birthday Jay!


Yes, Happy 19th Birthday Jay, now as you're all hidden away in Brighton or where ever myself and Charlotte decided to still throw you a little party of our own, as we're kinda lacking a common room to do it in. Now we know how much you love birthday cake :P so we made you this.

Happy Birthday

And to prove we actually made it and didn't find a picture of the net :P

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Jay, hope you have a great night of drinking ;)

OMG Lumines attack!


Ok so myself and Charlotte had our termly trip to Southend, but this time it was different as we can't really get away with paying child fare on the bus anymore, so we decided to take a train, since it's cheaper that way, and only takes 20 minutes as opposed to the hour bus journey.

The train journey was lovely, we passed right by an airfield, and saw loads of planes taking off and a few old planes ^_^ was cool.

Anywho did the usual, went to Ace Comics, popped in gamestation etc. We also went in Virgin to check out their sale, as we don't have one nearby where ever we live it seems. So i had a look around, not seeing anything good, but then wow I saw Stubbs the Zombie on PC for 4.99 so I picked that up, then scanning the rest of their games, not finding anything great, then my eyes saw Lumines II and I thought oh yeah that'll be pricey, and it actually had a 9.99 sale sticker on, which I accepted thinking wow that's cheap. I then found their last copy of Psychonauts on the Xbox for 4.99 which I gave to Charlotte. So after picking up Lumines I thought to myself I'd love to have the first and second version. So I went to the PSP games and what did I spy, Lumines II marked up at 19.99 and Lumines marked up at 9.99. What had happened is that whoever put them up on sale shoved a sticker for Lumines on Lumines II. Didn't bother me though, it's not like it had been peeled off and stuck on it, it hadn't been tampered with so, I can get it for 9.99 ^_^.

So in the end I got both games for 20 quid, plus I got my student discount off which wasn't bad for the two games I felt...woulda been nice if Lumines wasn't Platinum though :P.

Anyway main point of my entry, I had only played Lumines twice before, once the demo on the 360, and for about 10 minutes at work on a lunch break. It's really one of those must have games for the PSP I feel, one because it's a great game and two it's by Mizuguchi, and well anyone who can make something like rez must be able to make a great music puzzle game.

Ok so firstly of course I gave Lumines a play


Which I played for a while...I can't quite remember how long for, but my lovely new Sennheiser HD202 headphones had been delivered while we were out, so I got to play it with the music louder than I would usually, I suppose immersing myself in the game more than I usually would. I played through Lumines a fair amount of times, after getting game over lots, you've really gotta get into the game to be able to do well and I feel that I've actually played the game better with the headphones on, as opposed to without.
Now I liked Lumines, but I must say when I finished playing with it for a while, after slotting in Lumines II I think I can choose a favourite.

Now Lumines II, it has the same puzzle mode like Lumines, except you don't have to go through them all to unlock them, you can just choose to do which ones you want. Plus it has a mission mode, and you can edit the skins in it (a skin is like the music in the level) I think the main reason I just like Lumines II more is that it has three modes, Beginner, intermediate and advanced, where as with Lumines all you can do is play through it in one way. In Lumines II you get different skins for each difficulty. Although I'm loving the music in Lumines, I'm able to and have the soundtrack for it, where as with Lumines II I can't find a soundtrack for it :( and I want Heavenly Star, but I ain't buying it from iTunes.

Anywho this was really just a quick review, I'm not gonna go completely in-depth, but I will say both games are well worth buying, they are very immersive (can't believe I'm calling a game immersive ^_^) and the second I get back to uni I'm gonna play Rez with my headphones and see how that goes...maybe I'll actually finish it.

But yes I recommend Both Lumines games to any PSP owners, unlike most games on the PSP you can just pick them up play them for a bit and put them down for a bit. I also must say I love the PSP over the DS for it's sleep mode, with the PSP you can just turn it off, go back to it in a weeks time and it's in the same place you left it, say paused in a puzzle game, without draining any battery. If you do that with a DS say because you aren't able to save in New Super Mario Bros and you just don't feel like playing it, close it, Mario says bye bye and if you go back to it in a weeks time you're battery will have been drained as it doesn't actually turn off. Now I understand why this happens, them being on different media.

But yeah anywho I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a good New Years.

A game of chance


Now this is gonna be a bit of a weird entry...I'm mainly doing it for myself, or anyone that ever wants to know but can't remember.

I'm talking about Kiwi fruits, one of the yummiest things in the world. I love eating them and haven't had any for months and months, but I picked up a couple the other day, I just cut one up and mmm kiwi ^_^.

But the main point of this post, yes, Ok when I eat a Kiwi I like to save the nice bit till last. Anyone whos had a Kiwi before should know what I'm on about. Inside the kiwi one half has a bump at the bottom and the other is completely smooth.

As you can see, both ends of a kiwi have bumps on them, the question is, what makes the inside so different?

bump no 1

bump no 2

I always have to guess which will be the right end (smooth end) but I pretty much always get it wrong, but now I wont have to because of this blog entry of mine, and to anyone also wanting to know, well here you go :)

I will call the pictures above bump no. it and 2, you can see this in the alt text, if you don't know what I'm on about well the first picture is no 1.

Now is the minute you've all been waiting for:

no 1

no 2

ok so as you can see the part of the kiwi that has the bump inside is the exterior with the really bumpy bump. so from now on when eating a kiwi, go for that part first and then the less bumpy exterior as the smoother bit is just nicer :)

I thank you for your time ^_^

Amazing Soup


Ok so after making the pumpkin (this was a week ago now) myself and Charlotte were tied over making pie or soup, Bill suggested pie, but I felt soup was easier. So I got the ingredients and stuff, and oh my golly gosh, made soup.

This actually being one of the first things I've really made from scratch, I used single cream, a oxo cube, three carrots, a small onion and some pumpkin mush :P. I cut everything up tiny, except for the carrots which I just made into circles, then I shoved it all in the pot, in a specific order, I didn't just throw it in.

Soup in the process of being made

After a long time I decided to call it done, even though it wasn't really really hot like I like soup. But I didn't wanna make the cream curdle or something scary O_o.

I then dished it out, the soup being the food myself and Charlotte had for our birthday meal, and I must say I was really happy with it. It tastes so yum (much nicer than I had expected) Soup is so easy to make, and I'm actually gonna make some more this week.

Looks yum

Now I know what you're thinking, that's not pumpkin soup...well it's Catherine's pumpkin carrot soup with a hint of pumpkin or something like that ^_^

Next soup I shall make will be game related ^_^ how creepy.

Mr.McLeod the bestest Law teacher


Ok I know this is a little late, but I did Morris and Wadwell, so I have to do McLeod, I have a whole list of blog entries I have to do, so they may be a little old in what they're talking about...but at least it means I've done them ^_^.

Ok well Law is a subject we could only start at sixth form, we (we being Charlotte and myself) picked it as one of our test type subjects and we liked it so we chose to continue.

Now I don't want to sound rude, but the first year of law was kinda boring, the English legal system ain't that fun to learn about, and to this day there are still some bits of it I never really understood. There were good fun bits though.

The highlights of the first year though were the trips to various places, and parties ^_^ it was the only subject where we really got a trip or two (bar of course the art ones to the Tate and Barcelona) Now I really think some people only stayed in Law because of the trips, and of course the few who wanted to take law at uni.

But myself and Charlotte were actually considering dropping Law after the first year, as not to be mean but he has the kinda voice that can send you to sleep. But we liked him so much we decided to stick with it and got a full A level, now I must say the second year of Law was amazing compared to the first, doing Criminal Law is so much fun, although there's a lot of it to learn.

Yet I still after learning lots and revising only got a D which I was kinda bummed about, as I thought I did really good in the exams, but obviously I didn't. Anywho enough about me, Mr McLeod really knew how to let a class have a fun time, except for those lunchtime lessons ^_^ he will be missed just as much as Mr Morris and Mr Wadwell, I feel we had the coolest teachers for our subjects. (Good thing we dropped ICT :P although it would have been real fun to have Mr Waller as a teacher in the second year :( )

Anyway thanks Mr McLeod for the fun two years, you are missed greatly.

Mr McLeod kinda crappy picture

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