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2nd day of the exam


Well today was day number two, only tomorrow left now. And I shall show ya all what I've done in the 4 hours today that we got, I'm pretty pleased with it at the moment, and so does art dude as well, I'm pretty sure I'll get it finished which is very good. I've now got to put any final details on the women, and finish the blue parts of it, which is pretty much where there is gaps.

2nd day

1st day of the exam


Well the first day of the exam is over, and the only thing I can think is that I'm gonna end up finishing early :P I did a lot more than I expected on the first day. As I only have two figures left, a few improvements on the ones there, and bits of blue to put in. It's going pretty good overall I think, even if it is a little odd looking at the moment.

One thing is though I'm pretty sure the mdf wasn't sanded down before I used it, which I should have done, but didn't want to do during the exam. But so far I've had no problems which is good.

So have a look and tell me what ya think

1st day

Out shopping


Well I'm popping out so moo is gonna take my place, he loves computers ^^


Multiple Moos


Oh my god, they're multiplying!!! :o


Newport :)


Well was in school checking out a couple of websites so I popped on UCAS and I've got a conditional offer for Newport :D woopie, gotta get 200 points, but I should be able to do that...I hope, anyways that like minimum of getting my D in AS ICT up to a C which shouldn't be hard, I should be able to get it to a B, kinda depends on if everyone fails the resit O_o like um again. Yeah and along with that C at A level I need at least 3 D's well I reckon I should be able to get an A in media, if not that a B, perhaps a B or a C in Law and either a C or D in art. I would include general studies but no now they say they don't accept it *growls* which means I'm doing the lesson for no reason now. Doesn't matter tho, I'll just get a grade that means nothing at all. It's strange really this time last year I wasn't planning on going to university, and now I can't wait to do it, strange feeling really, I guess I just wanna be free for once.
Charlotte also got in and she has to get 240 points (how's that fair?).

Watership Down :o


Well I'm procrastinating from doing homework, cos homework is crappy, I could maybe do a bit of revising instead, anyways I watched Watership Down for the first time in about 10 years maybe, altho I watched it about a month ago, not yesterday when it was on tv. And I just wanna comment on it in general really, I took pictures and everything to help explain. The main reason I want to do a blog entry about it is because I had never realised how violent it was, up until now really. I mean everyone's complaining about the violence in the media at the moment, and how they shouldn't even be allowed to be sold in some cases. Watership down was made in 1978 so not that long ago really, it's not a bad animation for it's time, just like animal farm, both very nice animations :) both equally a little violent. Now I realise as Watership Down is an animation people think of it as a cartoon and back then I'm sure they could get away with lots of stuff :P It's rated a U which means anyone can watch it, I'm actually surprised myself that my mum let me watch it when I was really little. Just wanna say this post contains spoilers so I have warned you.
The film has it's cute moments and everything, but seems to be mainly violently focused. I'm not saying that they should ban the film or anything, I think it's totally stupid with how people act towards violence now, but I just wanna share the film with the rest of the world. I apologise for the size of the post I didn't know it would be so long with the pictures.
But the film is based around a bunch of bunnies called Fiver, Hazel, Bigwig and more. Who decide to leave their warren as Fiver has a bad feeling about where they're situated, like in the piccy.


Like I said the film has cute bits, which are at the start when it tells the story of El-ahrairah the prince of the rabbits and how so many bunnies came around. Its all very cute at this point, except for when it gets further into the story of them.



Here’s El-ahrairah and his friends

munch munch

All munching away at the grass. But then the bunnies multiply, like um bunnies


Until in the story their lord Frith (the bunny sun god) decided there could not be so many bunnies as they took all the food the other animals wanted. So he evolved them into predators of El-ahrairah, which was weasels, dogs, cats, owls etc. So then you see all the cute bunnies getting killed O_o


Which I suppose they had coming to them, until eventually…

dead bunny

They all die, that’s then where Lord Frith gave El-ahrairah a chance and where the one bit I always remember of the film comes into play which is the following quote.

“All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and when ever they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you: digger, listener, runner, prince with the swift warning. Be cunning, full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed.”

I remember that cos of the whole digger, listener, runner bit just sticks in my head, dunno why really. Anyway, I haven’t really structured what I’m gonna say so it’ll now probably be random bits of writing with pictures. I’ll put the pics in chronological order btw.
Ok well I was mentioning earlier that Fiver (paranoid rabbit) could sense that trouble was coming well he also imagines the following picture.


Which is bunnies and trees being tossed around by some digger thing, with blood on its spikey bits.
Once they have run away from their warren they come across the cowslip warren, if that’s the right name, where they bunnies as I have read on a site have no religion, economics, government education etc, as they are living in a man made warren where man kills them when he feels like it, to make bunny pie? I’m not really sure. But yeah I never liked the main bunny of this warren, he was too posh for my liking but when the gang are here Bigwig gets caught in a snare (how man kills the bunnies) I never liked this part myself as it was kinda not nice :P


Ok and then a bit later they meet an old friend (if you can call him that) from the Owsla which was kinda like their old warrens police in a way. And he told the story of what happened to the warren like Fiver imagined, and I just hated this part as a kid, I think it’s particularly cos of the colours but also cos it’s not nice to watch. I took various pictures to show it ^^.





Then he tells of how all the bunnies of their warren were rounded up to Efrafa I think, where they work a little differently and how they are separated into divisions and how certain bunnies can only go in certain areas, well this bunny (I’m gonna guess Holly) escaped from Efrafa and then this whole stuff happened with the bunch of bunnies and General Woundwort (big bad bunny) and he came after them, as Bigwig went to Efrafa and then left (bad thing) so Woudwort thought he should kill them all, so he invaded their warren, and oh look a bunny got in his way.


Isn’t that nice, oh look and here that bunny is dead on the floor


There is then lots of fighting between Bigwig and the general.








As you can see not the nicest of fights, blood and spit O_o everywhere. Then “there’s a dog loose in the woods” as I will always remember Fiver saying as he always looked like he was going crazy, and as dogs do he rips bunnies to shreads (I’ve never seen a dog killed a bunny, a cat yes but not a dog) Anyway here is the dog having fun, not eating the bunnies just killing them really.




Yeah then the dog sees General Woundwort and I guess thinks it will be the best bit to have a play with. Also so the story can have a happy ending really :P But the dog then runs for him and you see General Woundwort, one image I have never liked as he was always kinda scary looking.



There was also an albatross in the film which sounded European but I won’t spoil everything.
Anyway um I love the film, but think they should have maybe cranked the rating up a little, as I’m sure a normal innocent child would get kinda scared by the film ^^.

There's a site here that explains about the warrens.

Xbox 360


Well I've been told I should have done a kinda review of the 360, so I guess I should do as I'm told. Anyway the day it came out over here (2nd of December) we popped into town and picked up our pre-ordered console which was the hardcore version not the smelly core (2nd person to pre-order one) anyway, we were a tad confused on what to get, as I had been told GAME had a bundle which they did by mistake, getting 5 games and the console for £450, the guy we know there, Greg was telling us we could have the console along with 4 games of our choice plus Condemned or King Kong, we chose King Kong already having Condemned, but of course the girl who served us didn't think it sounded right (it being the mistake bundle) so because of her we didn't get a free game (ugh bitch!) anyway we picked up Kameo, Project Gotham Racing 3, Call of Duty 2 and Perfect Dark Zero, along with an extra wireless controller. We were also going to pick up two play and recharge packs, but GAME were sold out, so we popped into HMV and bought their last two, along with War of the Worlds, using the gift card Jay nicely gave us as a kinda month late birthday present.
Anyway we couldn't actually get home until about 5pm, as we needed to pick up Charmoo's 5.1 speaker system thing, and had to go round our sisters to help her with stuff (she recently had an operation).
Once we finally got home, after a few hours of setting up the speakers and getting them right with War of the Worlds, (as the tripod guys make the coolest sound) We finally decided to put a game in, which was Charmoo playing Call of Duty 2, she played it for a little while, and then had a play of PGR3, and then Perfect Dark Zero, I then got to play on Kameo and then Condemned was played the day after.


Anyway on to the reviewing.

The Box and contents

As everyone says I think it was cute how the box had a handle on it, although our box had been damaged which I was a little disappointed about. But other than that it's pretty cute, I also loved how it actually had a BBFC rating of U on it, I thought it was a little on the weird side, but didn't question it.


I thought it was packed very nicely with its little foam strips and all sealed in green or white bags saying welcome on them. When I picked up the 360 I was amazed at how heavy it was. I also thought it was cute how even the batteries were sealed in the same type of plastic.
One thing I thought was a tad weird was that there was an xbox 360 sticker inside the box, not sure why they gave people that.


But the one thing I did hate is how there were like protective seals on anything that could get scratched. The one of the communication port was fine, but the one on the cd drive I never noticed, so when we tried to open it first time it didn't, but the most annoying bit was the one on the hard drive, after I peeled it off it left some kind of sticky residue on the hard drive, which took me about half and hour to get off with some cello tape, how annoying.


If you notice on the controller it has a cute little sticker telling you to press the guide button, I haven't had the heart to take it off yet tho.
Unpacking the 360 was fun, what was not fun was getting the spare wireless controller and play and recharge packs out of their packets. I fucking hate blister packs, I cut myself a couple of times on trying to get them open, the scissors didn't even wanna cut through them, and the other day George opened a blister pack with her bare hands…which I couldn't believe.

Turning it on for the first time

Anyway after setting everything up we were just looking at everything I was looking at the little media remote we got with it and pressed a random button on it and it turned on and completely freaked me out,


First time I saw the intro thing was cool, although the speakers weren't set up properly at this time but the second time we saw it, it was so cool, the animation is really pretty and the sound of it all as well. So we played around by seeing what we could plug into the USB ports, first we tried my phone, but nothing happened. Then we went for my USB memory stick thingy and shoved a film on it, but we couldn't watch it. Then Charmoo's MP3 player which was good, then I set up some Windows media connect thing so I can stream music to my 360 which is nice.

The games


Well first to be played was Call of Duty 2 by Charlotte, which looked nice I hadn't played it before myself but it didn't look bad. She played it for a couple of hours, doing training and a few missions.


After that she popped in Project Gotham Racing 3, where she played like 1 track or something and we decided it looked a bit too surreal when driving, but other than that it's a pretty game.


I would take a picture and show what I mean, but it's hard to take pictures of games as they're always moving. Anyway after that Charlotte put in Perfect Dark Zero for a little while, she played around a bit and did the first mission.


She then thought maybe I'd wanna play on it a little as it was like 1am (how kind) anyways I popped in Kameo (my main game) and had a play around.


Charlotte was falling asleep so she went off to bed, so I was left playing my game when the speakers were set up as they were one was placed on the edge of my desk, and all I can say was that it kept freaking me out as I kept hearing the scary voices of everyday flying things in the Enchanted Kingdom freaking me out.
I know some people won't like this reference I'm about to make, but to me Kameo very much reminds me of...Ocarina of Time...there I said it, the sound clip when breaking a pot in Kameo is just the same, and I keep confusing myself with it, I know people will disagree as Kameo is more of a platformer, but its a good thing, it makes me feel at home and like Kameo even more. After a few hours of running around in Kameo I decided I'd give my eyes a rest and play Hexic, and god was that a bad idea. It's not that I don't love the game, heck I used to play it on msnzone, but playing it at like nearly 3 in the morning killed my eyes, and I was practically falling asleep in my chair I was so tired. After getting myself the easiest achievements with Hexic I decided to give it a go by finishing Survivalist, and that’s what I should not of done, I was half asleep and needing to get through 50 levels, yay, and while Paul was having fun playing PGR3 with Adam I got to die playing Hexic. But it was worth the measly 15 points I suppose. Since playing it on the first day we got it I have played a lot of PGR3 (not much lately) and have nearly finished Kameo, just gotta get into Thorns palace (if I don't keep dying and give up that is) grrr but omg yesterday I collected every single piece of fruit, once I kill Thorn I will have finished the game completely, wooopie. So far I have also bought Smash TV, Geometry Wars Evolved, and Gauntlet, them all being very cool, Smash TV, brought back memories for Charlotte and her playing it on the SNES for hours. Charlotte has also played Condemned; I think she played it the morning after we got the 360, as she only plays it in the morning or at night, as its darkest then. And she seems happy with it, the surround sound works great with it, and it is a very freaking game, especially with mannequins and stuff.


I have to say not playing on anything with surround sound before I am very impressed, it's lovely moving around in a game and hearing people talking literally behind you, it's all so cool, I'm a bit disappointed with the sound when listening to music on the 360 as it's rather quiet, although I think that’s the speakers as they like to be loud. One thing I am a bit disappointed with is that when you had your volume up really loud on the Xbox you hear weird robotic like noises, and to my knowledge there isn't that with the 360, it was always cool to hear it, but I'll survive. Not much you can say about sound when reviewing a console really.


I very much love the marketplace, I bought myself some points which have helped me buy my amazing Jinjo picture, which is mega cute, and I also have some other Banjo gamertag pics along with it. I'm tempted to buy one of the Kameo themes, but haven't as of yet, but I did buy the Warrior Winter pack which is amazing, like omg, they're so cute, as you can see kinda from the pic, I also downloaded a free winter Kameo theme, which I have also taken pictures of:



Sorry if they aren't the best of quality but it's hard to take pictures of a tv.

Online play

I have to be very honest at this point and say how I haven't actually played online with it yet, I'm more of a single player person myself, I will no doubt play PGR3 online with Paul and maybe some portal forumers as well, but I don't really like playing with people I don't know as I find it rather intimidating being the shymo that I am.


Now there is talk all over the net that the 360 crashes all the time and stuff, now I think ours has crashed once...although I'm not so sure as it might have been a dream, but I can't remember why it crashed, but other than that it has been fine, no problems whatsoever, the console has space around it to breathe as does the brick of a power adaptor.


There it is poking through the gap. We decided to prop it up on like 3 boxes to make sure it was high up.


There you can kinda see how big it is.


Ok well I'm not made of money, needing a job and all, but I think it was very reasonably priced, with £300 being the average of a console on release 20 quid cheaper was a nice extra, especially with the core being a mere £210 as you can only just buy those PSP Gigapacks for that. I mean jeeez a handheld should be cheap like the DS!! anyways I feel wireless controllers are a tad expensive, but then so was the wavebird, if you want better controllers they're gonna cost more, so I doubt I'll be seeing controllers for around £20 anymore. Play and recharge kits were nicely priced, saving myself the cost of a bunch of rechargeable batteries, and the battery you get hasn't even run out once yet for either controllers, which is very good. Games, now I know the R.R.P for games is actually about £50 and for N64 and SNES it was £60 and up, but I feel like I'm gonna have a bit of trouble buying games when they come out if they're all gonna be about £50, but there’s always discounts and what not to help me with the price of games. Although for the price of a game on the 360 I was able to pick up the AOEIII collectors box for £15 less, so things like that still make me cringe a little, as you can compare stuff, but I'll still pay £50 for a game if I really want it, heck I'd pay £70 if they released all the Shenmue games in one and finished the series on the 360, I WANT IT.

Final Thoughts


Here is a happy customer, but being serious now. Overall I think it's one lovely piece of machinery, not my favourite console, but that’s as I don't have a favourite console, they all have their good points, but certainly a very nice start to the next gen consoles, I just hope all future games for the 360 start coming out more weekly instead of in a few chunks, it’ll be cool to see some new original games come out on it. It must be a good console if moo will play on it also.


Anyway I've gotten to the end of my review, I hope you enjoyed it.


You can now stare at its prettiness
I will also be reviewing all the games we bought, including images, but at a later date.

Other news


Yes and on other news, here I am in an issue of Games TM


Sadly some of the pictures they chose to use make some of the collection look a little small, but it's still pretty cool.

Here's also a larger version

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