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A look back over 2009


After seeing Korina’s blog entry I felt the need to also do a recap on the goings on of 2009 from my perspective, or at least what I can remember happening. It's pretty much 2010, I must say 2009 was maybe one of my best years, so I thought I’d try and… more »

University student no longer


Well it's finally happened, three years have passed and I have now finished University, (I don't actually get my official degree until September though). I passed with a first which I am extremely happy about, I guess my hard work paid off in the end,… more »

University of Wales Newport, Computer Games Design Graduate Show


My blog has been a little quiet as of recent, due to a large amount of time being spent on Void, but with that almost being finished I thought I'd do a quick little entry on my graduate show, or at least share a few pictures. It was a very successful… more »

New website


Well the title is kind of a lie, as it's not a new website, it's a modified website, either way my website is now very different and much better from before.     It now features a welcome which changes dependant on the time of day, along… more »

Blitz Open day


Finally in my third year of University I managed to get a place at the Blitz Open days this year, this is partially thanks to my group for us pulling together such an interesting game.   Anyway so on the 13th of March I had the pleasure to head… more »


Well as I mentioned in a previous post about my graduate show I recently ordered some stickers and our invitations off of   The only real shame about the stickers that prints is that they are square stickers, so what I'm going… more »

Floating Character Rig


While working on the heavy character rig I started on the floating character's rig, which took no time at all after doing two previous ones. He is very different in bone structure to the other models, as his movements are less complex and more flowing… more »

Heavy Character Rig


After finding out we will be able to get changeable characters in our game, thanks to our programmer. The heavy character got rigged quickly so that animating could start being carried out. Below is a video showing the controls of the rig with its… more »

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