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Week 6 of the group project


Ongoing work: Making sure stuff goes into engine.

Work Assigned: Remodel the fembot, then hand to chris get back and then rig.

Ok well work is never that easy to do when it's the easter holidays, but that's always because lazyness packs in.

Anywho I managed to get my work done, took me a while to remodel the fembot, but I also lowered the poly count on it, which was a fun experience.

It went from 1500 to 1002, which I'm quite happy with, and here is the model with less legs.

So I then handed it over to Chris, once I got it back I then had my first go at rigging, thanks to a very good tutorial I was given it all went by very simply and I then had a rigged character.

Now it may not be as good as some rigged things, but it's my first go so it can't be too bad, so I then went on to animating, and here was my first attempt.

The first problem came when it was time to export it, it kept telling me I had a missing bone, but then after lots of frustration and asking Duncan he helped me out, and I had to parent the root joint to the start01 bit in the heirarchy.

So yays to Duncan, as I thought I'd never solve it and I couldn't find much help on the internet.

After I had the files all sorted I remembered I didn't actually have the texture sheet for the robot, so I got the file off Chris and applied it, only problem was that it went a bit funny.

So I guessed there was maybe a problem with the file, so I made a new one, but no luck, I tried a different image and it stayed the same. I then loaded up the UV texture editor and it looked exactly the same.

And here is the finished animation.

Week 5 of the group project


Ongoing work: Making sure stuff goes into engine.

Work Assigned: Model the femishbot - then hand over to Chris, unwrap the UVs of the cat - then hand over to Debbie and unwrap and texture the bomb.

Well the work load was significantly different to previous weeks, mainly as it's consisting of two pieces of work to be handed over to other people for most of us, but I'm sure everything'll be fine.

Now as we should have everything textured that just means rigging the characters is left really, that and we still need to have a built area and the keys for the robots.

Anyways so I textured the cat easily enough, took me a while as I'd never unwrapped something with so many faces before, but I think I did an ok job of it.

I then modelled the fembot, although I'm a little worried it's a little high polywise, but I'll find out in the meeting on tuesday if it's ok.

And then I unwrapped and textured the bomb, which was quite simple as he's small and quite square, and here is the finished UV map.

And then here it is on the bomb dude.

And then finally to check he's all 100% ok, here he is in the engine.

So altogether it's been a really successful week, without too much going wrong, also I've noted that I've been a lot quicker with doing my work, and I think it's actually down to the fact that I had a lot more work and I was worrying I wouldn't get it done in time, so maybe it's actually a good thing to get a lot of things other people will need to finish their stuff...but it does make everything a little difficult.

The meeting on Tuesday is the last before easter so I wonder what will be given out.

Week 4 of the group project


Ongoing work: Making sure the cat can go in the engine.

Work Assigned: Model the Lion and Bird characters.

Ok well after a fun filled weekend here is my work for week 4.

I spent a good part of the week trying to get the cat into the engine, as we were having a few difficulties, but I managed to bypass this eventually after lots of fiddling and the cat managed to get in, as you can see.

hes not really this size, I did it for comical value

Finally with the cat sorted I was then able to go onto making the lion and bird npc characters, I started with a re-design of the bird.

And then went on to modelling the lion as I knew he'd be the harder of the two, and it all worked out quite simple, I'm happy with how he turned out and that he's not high in polys at all.

Then I went onto the bird, who was really quite simple to do, and fun as well, I imagine him being made out of soft plastic and that there is a thin plastic tube holding his legs together.

I was even happier at how low poly the bird is, and alround happy with my models, now lets see what I get this week.

Week 3 of the group project


Ongoing work: Edits to the gameplay map

Work Assigned: Make the cat usable for the engine (re-model if needed) and if that gets sorted then orthographic images for the other cuddlies (good npcs)

Ok well after hours and hours of trying to figure out what was wrong with the cat, and after starting to model it again I realised what the problem was...I had left the flat planes which had the orthographic images in maya's scene.

So it was trying to export two planes which weren't triangulated which is why it was being mean to me.

So once I sorted that out I handed over the .dts file of the cat over to our lovely AI peoples, who I'm hoping have gotten it in ok.

So I went onto my other work that was set which was doing orthographic images for the other characters.

I decided to create a bear, as what's a toy related thing without a teddy bear, with of course horrible teddy bear looking feet.

Then I made a bird character from Debbie's dynamic bird image.

copyright Debbie Stephens

A bunny who is very different to the dynamic images, but I wanted to make it easy to model for whoever gets the job.

copyright Debbie Stephens

And then the lion who I only hope can look as good as Debbie's lion

copyright Debbie Stephens

And that's my work for week 3, I also wrote up a guide on getting Maya models into Torque which I hope is easier to understand than the confusing ones on the net, also if anyone else is wanting to know how to get Maya stuff into Torque just ask and I can post up the guide on here as well.

Week 2 of the group project


Ongoing work: Edits to the gameplay map

Work Assigned: Model the cat - the avatar of the game

Ok well my "gameplay map" from last week proved successful, I have made a couple of changes which will be at the bottom of this weeks work at some point.

I found it quite fun presenting my work this week, as I laid it all out on the table and went through it all, first time I haven't minded presenting something, and I recieved some useful comments which were the reasons for changes to a few of the pieces.

This week I was assigned the task to model the avatar of the game which is a cat, more importantly this cat

copyright debbie stephens

Which was drawn by Debbie, and I am modelling it from the orthographic images she also drew, and here are the finished results, well a few simple images.

My job was only to model the cat, not texture or animate, just model, and here it is :)

I've decided to put up images showing the development:

I must say it was fun to do, as the last actual character I modelled was Astro Boy and weird doodle things don't count as full on character as they were kinda just blobs.

Although of course even though I went by two guides on exporting for Torque it doesn't want to export it, so hopefully I'll figure out why.

Week 1 of the group project


Work Assigned: Gameplay map – the order in which events happen in the demo.

Ok well at the meeting I was given the job to do a gameplay map, I felt a little dazed being given this as I was a little unsure of what it was exactly, even after being told what it was, so I interpreted it in my own manner, which then made it a mix of storyboards and gameplay maps (overhead maps of what is happening with everything)

I must say I feel I approached it well, it could have been refined a little in the drawing, but storyboards don't have to be detailed or amazing looking, as long as they convey what's needed is fine, I then added notes to each frame incase they weren't too clear to read.

Here is each frame from numbers 1 to 26.

I may have to change them slightly depending on what happens in the meeting, but I'll see what happens.

Toy Invasion research


Well our groups were given to us a few days after the pitch day, I have been grouped with Debbie, Duncan, Scott and Chris. And we were given the Toy Invasion project, no work had been set, so I felt I should carry out a bit of research into certain toys to get a feel for what should go into the project. I started by going to the library at the university, where I found some good examples of clockwork toys and a few robots.

From the books that I found in the Caerleon library I photocopied what I felt was approprate to the project. And stuck them up on my wall for inspiration.


I then sketched out a few rough concept ideas, although the only really finished image was of a cuddly character

I then decided to go to the library in Newport, where I found a very good book with robot images called : Yesterday's toys: 734 tin and celluloid amusements from days gone by
Author: Teruhisa Kitahara
ISBN: 1884822959

Which I must say was a lovely book, with full colour images, only annoying thing was it was in the reference library which means I had to photocopy the pictures, which was a hefty £1 per colour copy.

But even though at £1 per image they are really amazing looking robots.

So for the run up to the first group meeting I carried out visual research, my favourite image has to be this one though.

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