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Window of reflection


Ok so I'm trying to finish my art coursework at the moment, which I hope will all get finished in time, if not I won't be too happy, since this is my first piece of two. The whole thing looks like


Although this is a real old picture and it's finished looking now (must remember to take picture next week at school) The picture is a mix of oil pastels and acrylic on this wallpaper my art teacher bought me.

The top right corner of it is the piece I'm focusing on at the moment, I was given a piece of MDF and I'm now painting on it with oil paints, and so far it looks like.

common room

And a close up on the pretty cool reflection.


And because my art teacher likes the way the reflection looks my final piece is now gonna be of.


Which will be fun I suppose, hope I'm able to do it all before the 8th of May.

Life Drawing again


Ok so it was the fourth session of life drawing, I was pretty pooped, but managed to survive. I've also done a few other sketches which I may put up on here later, or I could pop them on the forum ^^. Either way, it's naked lady time.


First off Mr.Wadwell was busy with year 11's so he made one of the year 12's attempt to do the first bit. Which was ok I suppose I just drew, but you can't see them very well on the page as I used pencil and biro. They didn't turn out too great, but it was only my first pic of the night.


Next off he decided the model could have a break and made one of the annoying year 12's stand up and we had to draw her, which was um fun. I don't really like these pics that much, but they aren't crap.


Third we were asked to draw her in whatever media we wanted, I decided I'd have a go with watercolour as I hadn't done that before, and I really like how this turned out, it has a nice look to it. The darker bit was kind of a mistake, but I don't care :P.


Same with this image, cept there were no mistakes, I love the way the hair looks in contrast to the black outlined body, gives it a bit of an edge, I liked this one too :).


Next we did a cover your page in charcoal and add in highlights with a rubber, this stuff is real fun, but also kinda messy, I really like the way this one turned out with the highlights in the hair.


We then did another study of it, I don't like this one as much as it was kinda rushed, as it took me about 5 minutes to cover the page in black :P was fun tho.


Overall life drawing was fun as always, and I've been getting practice on drawing figures from sketching random people, which is just as useful as life drawing to me really. I hope soon I'll of gotten a image in my head of how the human body looks correctly when it moves and such, and when that time comes I'll be able to draw from my imagination, which is fun.

More pics to come in the future :).

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