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Bestest um Media teacher in the world :P


Ok well here's number two in the trilogy :P this is about my media teacher, good ol' Mr. Morris, I only started having him as a teacher from year 12 as I never took media before and that's pretty much all he teaches.

So I've only known the guy two years really, but it was pretty cool, yeah he gets boring at times, but he can also be times, with his lines, like fingers in the pies and whatnot, media people would understand ^_^.

Anyway from never doing media before I'll be getting an A this year (well as long as I get 33 marks in the last exam, shouldn't be too hard :P) so all round he's a pretty cool teacher, if you pay attention in the lessons, but it does get rather hard at times :P.

With the constant watching of the first 10 minutes of "The Enforcer" or the constant bringing James Bond into a conversation he won't be missed. Also the uhh excuse me :P, and you have a knowing look on your face ^_^.

Best out of two pics

He looks a tad surprised :P.

You shall be missed, and I'm sure everyone in media can now be just as cool as you were with their little cue cards in their top pockets for looking at when at work and such :P

Bestest art teacher in the world ^_^


Well I thought I'd do a few posts since I've now finished school, and I think I'll do three which are related to teachers (including this one).

This here post is dedicated to the coolness of my art teacher Mr.Wadwell, from having years of crap art teachers who sit there and make you do nothing, for once I've been made to do art for the past two years. I had always liked art but pretty much sucked.

And as he puts it he taught me how to draw, now I could draw before, just not so well, I've learnt a lot from him and am happy I had such a good teacher for these past two years.

He was also a pretty cool teacher as he had an okish taste in films, great taste in music and was alround a fun person to be around, shame he was so sarcastic sometimes, it could get old when you've heard the same thing about 5 times :P.

But enough of that, I'm so happy that my art has developed so well, as otherwise I probably wouldn't have decided to go to uni, and he's the reason I decided to go with art.

Thanks Wadders.

If there's any teacher I'm gonna miss the most it'll probably be him, altho it's gonna be hard to forget Mr.McLeod or of course Mr.Morris, pictures and a bit of writing about these two teachers coming soon when I have a photo ^_^

For those that haven't seen him, here he is in all his glory :P


Apparently he had 19 piercings...or maybe it was 15, whatever it was I've never had a teacher like that in my life ^_^ since they're usually all so serious.



So my sister Emma is helping us with the prom and stuff, and we're having a hard time deciding what to do with my hair, mainly since she thinks I should have it down, but I prefer having it up ^^ and there's lots you can do with it, Emma reckons straightened with a curly bit somewhere, can't remember and I just want up nicely somehow :P So Emma got bored and gave me a french plat, which looks nice, but as we all agree on looks rather childish for something like the prom.


This prom stuff is like the most I've ever had to bother with what I'm wearing, as it's usually just choose a pair of trousers and a top and thats it but, gawd it's like everything has to match and look all formal and stuff, how annoying. I can't wait to wonder what will end up happening with my hair ^^, Emma is good with hair stuff cos she was a hairdresser, and she's good with the whole dressing up stuff :P me am lucky I have a nice sister =).

Charlotte said I look like Lara Croft from behind :P.

Last day of the examness!!!


Well it's finally done, art exam finished, with the exception of my prep work for it, which shall be finished today and tomorrow and given in monday, all finished and amazing looking :D I should get a good grade on this work cos I've put soooo much effort into it. And then it's just finishing the contextual study and creative problem, yay :P And of course learning the criminal law stuff and making sure I get at least 35 marks on my media exam so that I get an A, woopie :).

Anyway for those who wish to see my picture.

3rd day

I'm not as happy with it as I thought I would be, but it's not that bad looking. At least I finished in time :D

2nd day of the exam


Well today was day number two, only tomorrow left now. And I shall show ya all what I've done in the 4 hours today that we got, I'm pretty pleased with it at the moment, and so does art dude as well, I'm pretty sure I'll get it finished which is very good. I've now got to put any final details on the women, and finish the blue parts of it, which is pretty much where there is gaps.

2nd day

1st day of the exam


Well the first day of the exam is over, and the only thing I can think is that I'm gonna end up finishing early :P I did a lot more than I expected on the first day. As I only have two figures left, a few improvements on the ones there, and bits of blue to put in. It's going pretty good overall I think, even if it is a little odd looking at the moment.

One thing is though I'm pretty sure the mdf wasn't sanded down before I used it, which I should have done, but didn't want to do during the exam. But so far I've had no problems which is good.

So have a look and tell me what ya think

1st day

Out shopping


Well I'm popping out so moo is gonna take my place, he loves computers ^^


Multiple Moos


Oh my god, they're multiplying!!! :o


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