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Hideo Kojima - MGS4 Signing in HMV Oxford Street, another unforgettable event for this year


With the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots just around the corner, Hideo Kojima being the amazing person that he is planned his MGS4 world tour. Starting off with London, so my sister and I had to go.

We headed off to back home in Essex Sunday evening, and headed out to the train station at about 4:30am, we finally made it to the HMV on Oxford street at about 20 past 6 maybe, would have been quicker but the train was slower than usual. We then prepared to wait, after having picked up the Metro earlier I flicked through it and noticed a little advert about the event, and also how it mentioned Yumi Kikuchi going, we weren't too sure of what else she had been in, so I ventured off to McDonalds to grab some breakfast and to use their free wifi.

its quite a big advert

We were about number 62 and 63 in the queue although that went up when a guy a few people in front let his friends push in just before we were about to go in.

All 61 people in front of us

And however many were behind us at the time, it had grown huge in the build up to 9am

After eating the food and feeling ill time somehow managed to pass until about 9am, where we then started to move, after a bit of waiting and nudging forwards every so often we got to the tills and pre-ordered the game & bought the sleeve.

We then decided to queue up again, so we joined the end of a small line, once the last of the 300 people filled in (and the rest were turned away) there was then a mad rush to start a new line, where previously I was near the front everyone decided to squidge up together and push me to the back. Thankfully the nice HMV security guard said we could pop in where he was standing as he knew we had been there before others in the second queue.

We ended up sitting down for most of the wait, lots of numb bums

After another few hours of waiting we finally started to file in at about 11:20, then after much standing and leaning around Kojima, Shinkawa and Yumi came out, everyone of course cheered, and then there was more waiting and standing.

I was quite bored of waiting

We were quite close to the front so we went through within a matter of minutes.

I was panicking over if I should try and get my Metal Gear lovely nes copy signed, or the sleeve, but I thought I'd respect the wishes of the HMV staff and maybe the Konami PR people and get the sleeve signed. I was going to show my Metal Gear to Kojima but I got too shy.

It started at Shinkawa, who was so cute and smiley, and he looks so adorable in my picture :)

look at him concentrate how cute

Then it went onto Kojima who was just as cute and smiley, Charlotte managed to get a nice picture, and he was looking at me instead of the camera as I was giggling away :).

my awesome smiley kojima I apologise for the watermark but I dont want this being used on ebay for people selling their sleeves

Then it went onto Yumi who is super cute, and I can't believe I missed her amazing nails, I should have said something :)

yumi was a surprise as she wasnt originally going

After we got down Charlotte was approached by Kojima's tour guys with a large camera wanting to ask her why she came and if she said anything to Kojima san, and then after that she was asked a few questions from an English guy as well.

After that rush we hung about and then went around London a bit, only to get myself an awesome top

im faster than lightning

Which came in an amazing bag

detective conan

We also went to Game Focus, where I got a Japanese copy of Kartia

And Forbidden Planet

its cute and scarily soft

Which is a laynard for me to use at conventions now :)

I also finally picked up Zelda on the DS as I've just been waiting too long to play it, and it was getting to me, once I finish Tingle I'll give Zelda a go.

All in all it was an amazing day, and I only hope that he comes to the UK once again, so I can maybe show him my Metal Gear and get it signed :)



I am now scheduled to be on Gamercast episode 120, to talk about things, I'd reckon some Alone in the Dark info, the Kojima signing that took place on the 2nd and any other new releases I have played or have views on.

You can check out the website at as linked above, you can listen to all past shows from there as well.

You can subscribe to the feed for it Here or on iTunes if you use it. There will be a show this Sunday, and then I'll be on next Sunday's show on the 15th of June.

Alone in the Dark Presentation and Inside Xbox


Wow well I must say I'm surprised a little, back on the 23rd of May myself and my sister went off to an Alone in the Dark presentation, as we were invited to go thanks to Tenebra on the Atari EU forums. As there was originally going to be a test/play day for Alone in the Dark, but it got cancelled due to not enough people signing up. So she thought for the people that really wanted to go, she'd get us the chance to go to this instead.

So the day started with popping down to Hampstead in London to the Everyman's Cinema Club, which was a delightful venue, it also wasn't hard to miss with this poster outside.

Then after a bit of waiting, saying hi to a few people and a free apple juice later the presentation was about to start so we all shifted into the screening room, which had piles of freebies, sprawled on chairs, tables and anywhere possible. I must say I felt a little out of place at this event as the majority of people attending were press, but in my case I get to meet new people.

The presentation started with Atari introducing themselves, then Phil Harrison, and then finally Nour from Eden games went on, the presentation was amazing, I hadn't really looked into Alone in the Dark that much, other than seeing a few trailers and planning on buying the game that was it. So when I actually saw what they had done with the game I was pleasantly surprised. Charlotte loved the fire (who wouldn't) and I really liked the structure of the game, was also nice to hear that they looked into television narrative structures other than film. (Alone in the Dark now going to have a piece in my dissertation)

she was answering someones question in a very cute manner

After the presentation had finished we were urged to go to their room with pods and give it a play. Instead we made our way over to Nour and Emile down the front and asked them a few questions of our own related to the industry, where we then got an Alone in the Dark sleeve signed.

With our mountains of freebies we headed out to the lobby area to have sit down and rest, where then we were asked by some nice guys from if we'd like to give our opinion on the game and also ask any questions to Nour on camera. So we did, which has scarily gone onto Inside Xbox on the 360, and as myself and my sister were asked our gamertags ( Kittydog )we have gained a bit of attention on xbox live, which has made me a recent receiver of at least 70 friend requests so far.

With myself and my sister being twins we were wondering if the two guys behind charlotte in the picture were also twins either that or they were eyebrow twins

Anyway after a bit of waiting around and cooling off we decided to try and get a go on one of the pods, I had a bit of fun beating a door down with a lamp, only finding out the fire extinguisher did a much better job. I won't spoil anything though, but a little after we stopped taking turns and playing, so as not to take too much fun out of the game.

We then managed to grab Nour and Emile and thank them for the presentation and the whole day really, and grabbed a picture with the two of them. We were going to have the picture taken in front of the Alone in the Dark poster, but it was either taken down or nicked so we couldn't.

All in all it was a lovely experience as I hadn't had the opportunity to attend such an event before, and I feel Alone in the Dark is going to be a very interesting game to play.

I feel the best bit of it in my eyes though is always going to be the way of which it is split into episodes while utilising a catch-up like system to remind the player.

It was also a treat leaving with Alone in the Dark t-shirts, hats, mini fire extinguisher keyrings and a cute Atari wristband.

Impulse buying


And the title says it all really, the other day Valve put up a plushie hunter from half life 2 episode two on the store, so I had to buy it, and he has already found a home which is overlooking my work.

I must say even though he was a little pricey, he is very nicely made and I'm happy to have him join my collection of game related items.

Now this little hunter isn't going to sell out as fast as the likes of a headcrab or companion cube, but he's just as cute and cuddly.

Gregory Horror Show Miniatures


Ok well a month of so back I purchased a box of 20 packs of Gregory Horror Show miniatures, as they were super cheap and just sounded awesome, a lot of waiting later I got them :)

And I must say they are amazing, now the only reason I bought them was for how nice they would look on my shelf, I have no idea of how the game would play as I only bought a box of the figure packs, as opposed to buying the card packs or starter decks.

But yeah I advise everyone to get them if they like Gregory horror, as they're nicely painted and very detailed, only problem I have with them is that one of my packs (they come in packs of two figures) only had one figure in it, now I must say upperdeck have done an amazing job in making them, but I'm complaining about that :P.

Only thing I find really annoying is I'm not too sure of how many there are of them, as from the numbers of common, uncommon and rare the boxes says adds up to 24, but one of my monsters has the number 25 on him so I'm a little confused.

I know you're waiting to see them though, here they are in all their glory.

Now this was the best picture I took, and you can't see all of them there, but they are really nice, if anyone wants to see any more images just ask :)

Only annoying thing like all little collectables, be it pokemon cards, trading arts of gashapons I now have doubles, which of course are looking for a new home ^__^

Persona 3 Official Design works


Well a few weeks back I was having a look about on ebay and noticed someone with some interesting looking stuff, I then noticed they were selling the Persona 3 design works book, which is an art book. So immediatley I decided I would have to win it, a few days and bids later I won it for about £11 which ain't bad.

Now a week and a bit later I finally got it (took them a while *moans*) and I must say it was well worth the money, I'd been looking into the Shin Megami series for a few months now, after hearing Persona 3 was one of the games of 2007 to get :).

And of course with it not being out in the UK yet I thought I might as well get the art book to look through before I have the game, and I must say I'm really happy with it, and I can't wait for the 29th of Feburary now, as that's the date it should be coming out, although that may be quite an expensive day as also Beautiful Katamari No More Heroes and Lost Odyssey are coming out. Although I want to make sure I get Persona 3 before it disappears ^__^

Here's some photos of what the book contains :)

I'm really pleased with the book, although a little disappointed that Kazuma Kaneko didn't do the art for it.

The awesomeness that arrived in the post


Ok well not everyone may find it that cool, I know one person will, and me and my sister do.

Anywho I found this really cool guy who resides in Japan and noticed he was offering to import a certain game called NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams through Sega Direct as of course Sega Direct are very awesome.

Ok so I nicely asked him about it, and then had a look about on the site, being in Japanese and only being able to read hirigana it was hard navigating on the site, but I then released I'd be interested in things with DX in the title (meaning deluxe version).

So I then realised as I have a PS3 now I wanted this game called Imabi Kisou, which luckily is by Sega, so I asked if he could order me the DX version of that too, so I then told him exactly what I wanted and paid him about a week or so ago.

And asking about it all at say the start of December I now have in my possession this amazingness.

And also

Now to be honest the cooler bit has to be the NiGHTS stuff, as well it's cuter :).

The Deluxe NiGHTS pack includes: NiGHTS on the Wii


a keyring which spins round


 a cute little nights figure


 three sleeves which can be seen at the top of the first picture, although this one is the cutest by far


and well that's it, although I noticed on the sega direct site you can also buy the get ready nights tshirt, so I automatically wanted one, although black had sold out so i had to get white, but it's better than not having one :D Although I'm a little confused about the top, cos its lovely and all, but I ordered a small, and it's quite big for a small, specially as I imagined it being a Japanese small.

And of course Imabi Kisou, the thing that made it a deluxe version is that small box, the blu-ray disc was for any orders of it from sega direct, and you got it before they ran out, so I was lucky to get it (maybe not many people have bought it though :P) but yeah what's in the box is this.

Which is believe it or not a plant pot, and from what i've read on someones blog, is that it's a bleeding plant...although I don't really wanna plant it, no matter how cool it sounds, as if I plant it, it's sure to die and then it's gone :(

So yeah I recommend if anyone wants to import anything from Japan and are restricted by things like play-asia not letting you buy ps3 games, or even the cool free things you get with games, he's your man :)

Adam Buxton!


Adam buxton, maybe you'll recognise his face =)

Ok so I haven't blogged in a while, but I thought I'd just do myself a quick little entry, as I was on a train and who did I happen to see (and get to move his bag as I was trying to stuff mine in the luggage bit) but none other than Adam Buxton.

If you haven't heard of him before you may have heard of him from the Adam & Joe show, heck or Adam & Joe go Tokyo (awesome show), he was also in a recent comedy sketch that was shown on channel 4 in their comedy showcase called Ladies & Gentlemen, or maybe even in Stardust, or jeez if you haven't seen any of that he was the reporter in Hot Fuzz which I'm sure everyone remembers, and hey you can check out his blog here.

But yeah so I was unsure if it was Adam or not, so I popped over once there wasn't people walking through the isle on the train and had a little chat, which was cool, he's an awesome guy and I love how softly spoken he is ^__^

Yeah, so what was a very tiring train ride (I was working before hand) ended up being really cool :D

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