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Mr.McLeod the bestest Law teacher


Ok I know this is a little late, but I did Morris and Wadwell, so I have to do McLeod, I have a whole list of blog entries I have to do, so they may be a little old in what they're talking about...but at least it means I've done them ^_^.

Ok well Law is a subject we could only start at sixth form, we (we being Charlotte and myself) picked it as one of our test type subjects and we liked it so we chose to continue.

Now I don't want to sound rude, but the first year of law was kinda boring, the English legal system ain't that fun to learn about, and to this day there are still some bits of it I never really understood. There were good fun bits though.

The highlights of the first year though were the trips to various places, and parties ^_^ it was the only subject where we really got a trip or two (bar of course the art ones to the Tate and Barcelona) Now I really think some people only stayed in Law because of the trips, and of course the few who wanted to take law at uni.

But myself and Charlotte were actually considering dropping Law after the first year, as not to be mean but he has the kinda voice that can send you to sleep. But we liked him so much we decided to stick with it and got a full A level, now I must say the second year of Law was amazing compared to the first, doing Criminal Law is so much fun, although there's a lot of it to learn.

Yet I still after learning lots and revising only got a D which I was kinda bummed about, as I thought I did really good in the exams, but obviously I didn't. Anywho enough about me, Mr McLeod really knew how to let a class have a fun time, except for those lunchtime lessons ^_^ he will be missed just as much as Mr Morris and Mr Wadwell, I feel we had the coolest teachers for our subjects. (Good thing we dropped ICT :P although it would have been real fun to have Mr Waller as a teacher in the second year :( )

Anyway thanks Mr McLeod for the fun two years, you are missed greatly.

Mr McLeod kinda crappy picture

Halloween is nigh


Ok, just like last year myself and Charlotte wanted to make a pumpkin, took her a while to figure out what to do, but we have just finished it.

Gaze in it's glory...or um something ^_^.


Also a very creepy thing, the light shadow that Mario casts, looks like Bowser *OMG* if you can't see it, think of how those bowser levels look on Mario 64 when the level starts.


Newport FTW


Ok not sure if anyone noticed, but I didn't mention anything about the uni I was going to, now people that know me should know where I'm going, but for those that don't I'll just give a run through of everything ^_^.

I shall now be going to The University of Wales, Newport, as the name says in Wales (OMG like so far away) I shall be studying Computer Games Design, mainly due to my love of games, and from this I hope to get into the industry :). The main reason for my choosing Newport was that part of the course is video game history, and being taught something like that is just wow, even though I hope I know a fair bit.

And the other reason why is because it's design but from the art side of things, and as I've recently taken a special liking to art (not like I didn't before) I decided I want to do something related to art.

I hope to do good on my course :) and have a fun three years at uni, I've now sorted out all my forms (I hope) and have a place to live for a year, the net in my room and well I think that's it, I finally move soon and finish work and living hopefully Rachel or someone will have a party before we all depart, and perhaps I should meet up with Chidgey. And there's also packing ontop of that, so much to do in like two weeks O_o



A bit late but now's a better time than never...

Ok so results day was back on the 17th of August, very nervy time, unsure of if I would get into my chosen uni or not, we set out pretty earlish and there were already quite a few people there, but not our results.

Well the official ones, we were given a little piece of paper with what grades we got as the postman hadn't come with the official results yet. But it was all ok I got what I needed, which is as follows:

Media - A
Art - C
Law - D
General - *cough* E *cough*

Ok so I did as I hoped in Media, and the same with art, was a little disappointed in Law and I couldn't really give a shit for general, they didn't count it so I couldn't care less. So we ended up having to wait an hour or two and then they came and I was less happy than before, I pretty much failed two of my law exams, and I revised and thought I would have done well, but hey that's why I got a D. I was more than happy with art though, although I only got a D for my coursework and well I thought I'd made a darn good piece of work, same with my exam I only got a C but hmm oh well, I can't win them all. I may have got not great grades but in my mind I got great pieces of work out of it.

So with all the stress aside myself and Charlotte later went to a party at Jay's which was cool, I only hope I can meet up with everybody one last time, as I'm gonna miss everyone :(

So yeah any congrats send them my way! even if they are a little late.

LocoRoco PSP pouch


Ok so second time lucky, I wrote up this entry a week back, but it had an error when I was saving it and I told it to go back, and it decided to wipe it, so yay I get to write it again.

Ok so I had been interested in a psp for a while after seeing a game called LocoRoco, and I saw one day that on Play-Asia they had a psp pouch up on their site which was LocoRoco related, and I just thought, oh my god I have got to get one for my psp, being in mind this was even before I got my psp.

Then of course I remembered the fact that Play-Asia don't ship any PSP items to the UK or Europe, because of that whole stupid stuff with Sony sueing places for selling anything to the UK before the PSP came out. Anywho that's all old news now so I emailed them asking if they'd send it out as Sony don't care anymore, but I just got an email back saying they can't. So that was Play-Asia out of the picture, I constantly checked the net for weeks, not finding anything checking Lik Sang to see if they were ever going to sell it, but I never managed to find it.

Then finally I found this really expensive site called Toys n Joys, and all I can say really is if I bought it from them, I'd be paying a price of a new game for a little pouch for my psp :P. So I kept the site in mind and stuck with the fact I'd have to pay that.

But oh no, I was just casually searching on the net a few weeks before it was coming out and I found this amazing site called Yamato Export who sold it, and even cheaper than Play-Asia, plus the good point of shipping to the UK. I spent a good hour or so looking on their site at all the items they sell. It's not so good when you pay with paypal as they have a few problems with it at the moment but other than that it's an amazing site, which I recommend everyone to import stuff from, although there is the annoying thing of when you set the currency on the site to your favoured one it changes when you click on something :P.

So I got my pouch, didn't take too long, and I'm so pleased with it, I can't wait to order a few more bits off their site for my ds, as some games in japan just won't be coming out over here, and they're cheaper than our retails as well. But I'll be doing that when I have the money and don't mind spending a little.

And the main point of this thread, my locoroco pouch, and here it is.

all sealed and cute

This is how it came in a little cardboard packed thingy

little leaflets

Also with the pouch I got these two cute leaflets advertising a game called portable island on the psp and a new fist of the north star pachinko game. Not like Play-Asia send you anything like that :P although you do get stickers which are cute :).

cuteness from the outside

Here's the pouch in all it's glory out of it's packet, it has a weird style but it's very cute :)

cute tag

And how cute, it even has a little tag on it saying LocoRoco ^_^

There we go, theres my LocoRoco pouch which now sits proudly on my desk, and anyone wanting to get any import games go to Yamato Export

Battlestar Galactica season 3 preview


Paul sent me a link yesterday to this which I thought was really cool, as it's just a little thing reminding me season 3 will be aired soon...well in a few months.

Makes me chuckle though since to show time has passed people either grew facial hair or their hair grew longer ^_^ moustaches are funny. But I must say that it looks a lot darker than the previous seasons, they're probably going for a certain style to look like. Which actually makes it look less like the previous seasons so I'm not so sure what to expect from it. But I know what I would like, and that is to see Dean Stockwell in it again, cos he's just funny :D

A trip to Portsmouth


Ok so a little while back I was checking out Climax's website and I noticed they had a little bit up about playing a PS2 game before it released so we could give feedback, now ok, it's not completely testing and is actually more of a focus group. But I jumped at the chance to go see an actual studio.

Now Climax have a studio in Portsmouth, Brighton, London and LA I believe, and this happened to be for the Portsmouth one, which are Climax Action, the people that brought us Sudeki. So they had two days open, Thursday the 29th and Friday the 30th, and we chose Thursday as Friday is usually more crowded in places.

So we took the train to Stratford, and then got to Waterloo and took a train to Portsmouth Harbour from there, as you can see, there were boats.

big boat


Then after taking pictures of boats and stuff we found ourselves at the shopping outlet Climax were located in (kinda weird I know)

gunwharf quays

It was a hot day but luckily there were bits of shade from the shops, there were a couple of nice shops, and a load of nice looking places to eat, but no GAME...which was surprising.

We walked around for a while and then asked at information desk where Climax were, as the map didn't say, so they told us where to go, we sat down for a bit then had a little look around at the places to eat, chose where to eat and then went to where we were told. Of course when we got there, we didn't see anything but a door, so we looked around asked a few other people. Some didn't have the faintest of what I was talking about.

After that I called my mum, who had the number, I called them and just got a load buzz noise. So I hung up and a minute later I got a call, and of course it was Climax, the lady told me where to go, I went where I thought I heard and got a bit lost, so I called her up again and they sent someone to get us.


Here are the doors to Climax, it's all very secure and I wouldn't have known how to get in, we got there and signed in at half 2, originally supposed to be there at 2 but we got lost, so Barry, the nice lead tester guy changed our time so we got the full hour.

So we signed an NDA and played *blank* game for an hour which was real cool, was very much like *blank* after the hour we gave our feedback and got a free tour, where we saw people working on *blank*, *blank* and *blank* asked a few questions and got to meet the one woman that works there, who happened to be from Braintree (close by).


This what you could see of Climax from outside, see the little white logos saying Climax, yup the one place we didn't look when we were lost was up.

After a bit of talking we left and decided not to eat anything, and went to catch our train, which got delayed cos of a fatality and power shortages somewhere, or something.


Charlote was shocked by the news, we then got a tube and train back home, caught the bus and finally got home after such a tiring day.

Overall I had fun, Climax are a bunch of lovely people and I only hope *blank* isn't too expensive when it comes out as I may be buying it.

PSP and DS Lite review


Ok so I spent all my money yesterday and purchases a DS Lite with Tetris, and an accessory pack.

And then I bought a PSP with LocoRoco, Metal Gear Ac!d, Monster Hunter Freedom and The Evil Dead, along with a usb cable and screen protectors, and I also had picked up Midway Treasures that day, and Exit, The Silent Hill Experience and Dokodemo Issyo.

Ok so onto the boxes and the contents, the PSP I feel comes quite nicely, although it is a value pack, so the point of it is added bits and bobs. The picture below shows the contents which are an AC adaptor, a pouch, the PSP itself, a remote thing for the headphones, some headphones, a strap, a cleaning cloth and the instructions and free demo. The only bit I can really complain about is the “demo” it says in it’s little booklet all about what’s in it, so music, video and games as they call it, but they fail to mention anywhere that these so called games are bloody rolling demos which I am disappointed with.

Now the DS Lite’s contents I was a little disappointed at as all you get is a spare stylus, adaptor and instructions, stars and so on. But that’s probably just as from looking at the PSP in comparison, which would come with more than normal anyway. I’m also a bit disappointed as the box for the Lite is very flimsy and unlike Nintendo.

I thought at first I’d compare the sizes of everything, firstly all the current handhelds plus my phone, so from left to right you can see a normal silver DS, a black DS Lite, a Gameboy Micro (my coolest in the world Famicom version) my phone and a white PSP. The Lite is so much smaller than the normal DS it may not look it but when holding both there is a very big difference, but of course that’s nothing compared to the size of the micro, but that’s not coming into this topic. The PSP is only a little bigger than the Lite, so that’s ok, but I don’t buy a console for size anyway. But overall I have to say I really like the size of the Lite compared to anything, as it fits nicely in your hands and the screen isn’t too small (like the little micro).

Now I’ll go on about the screen, although it’s not that easy to when they don’t like having their picture taken, but I’ll show an image with the normal DS screen and the Lite screen, as you can see it is a lot brighter, you can see this easier in person, but there is a large difference in it. Plus the screen is a lot sharper; this can be seen instantly when usually playing on a normal one then switching to a Lite.

Now you can also see the PSP’s screen, I think it has a lovely screen, but everything seems to now, only problem I think I’m gonna have with my Lite and PSP is if I decide to play on one outside as I don’t think I’m gonna be able to see too much. I just wish I could get better pictures of it to show how nice it looks.

Looks wise I’ll have to say the PSP and DS Lite were designed very well aesthetically, I like the look of them in general and there’s not much else I can say really. As the Lite has less visible buttons it makes it looks like it’s a more basic console where as the PSP has more giving it a look that it is not so easy to just pick up.

Now a weird topic area, buttons I really like to have soft feeling buttons on consoles, makes it feel nicer, the DS Lite’s buttons now have a softer feel to them, making myself appreciate them more, the dpad is a tiny bit smaller and now features the cross hair type print on them similar to the micro and Wii. The buttons now feature Century Gothic as the font, which does actually look rather nice. The start and select buttons are now tiny, I don’t really like it that much though.
The PSP’s buttons aren’t as nice as the DS but they’re just like a Playstation controller really, I do find the L and R buttons rather freaky though as they are see-through. One thing I don’t really like is the PSP has so many buttons on the front, and makes it look a bit cluttered.

Now one thing I’m rather worried about with both these systems is if I’m going to scratch them up at all, I’ve had them three days now and they seem fine, but I do look after my things. The DS Lite gets covered in fingerprints way too easily, but can just be wiped off. With the PSP it doesn’t show so much as it’s white. I’ve put screen protectors both of the Lite’s screens and the PSP, which I hope should stop them from getting scratched, I don’t really know if I’m going to be able to prevent the Lite from getting hurt on it’s outside though.

I would just like to add in that I like the size of UMD’s and they’re really a lot smaller than I thought originally, it’s nowhere near as small as a DS game but it is actually smaller than a Gamecube game.

Now of course the second I got home I really wanted to have a play on both. Shoved them both on charge, turned on the DS Lite, did my daily brain training, did that fine, no problems whatsoever, when I finished, I just turned it off and left it to charge. I put them both on at the same time, so they could both get done around the same time, so after that I went onto the PSP played around with the settings a little, made sure to get a feel of the system, then I popped in Monster Hunter Freedom. And I seriously thought there was something wrong with my PSP, I then tried LocoRoco, and the same, I then gave up and left it on charge, going back to my DS to play Tetris DS.
I then went out and when I got back the PSP had finished charging up, so I go to put a game in and now it works. And not being able to play while it’s charge isn’t that great, I’m not the kind of person who can wait too long to play a game, and of course I was dead tired by the time I got to play on it, but that didn’t matter me so much. So yeah, thumbs down for the PSP on this occasion.

Now games wise, there isn’t a massive library of games available for either the PSP or DS yet, I think there are slightly more for the PSP, but that’s because Sony have licences with so many people. Something I find rather cute with the DS games is a lot of the games on it have incorporated the initals DS into them, for example Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow But overall I think if you want an original game the DS is for you. As at the moment the only real “different” game is LocoRoco or maybe Exit. But other than that games such as Gitaroo Man Lives! won’t be out for a while.
Where as on the DS you get Brain Training, Kirby’s Air ride, or Warioware Touched, now the games aren’t all so original in style but they are the first games really to use a touch screen in such a way. When Point Blank comes to the DS in Europe, that is the time when the DS will be amazing.

When talking about games I think both systems are great, as on the PSP I can play great RPGs, can’t wait to get my hands on Breath of Fire III, (I don’t like the hassle of having to switch the leads in the TV to play it on the PS2) and the DS is great for platformers and just weird games like Rub Rabbits, but when it comes to playability, which I must say is very important when concerned with a handheld. Since I got my DS Lite, I’ve been playing Tetris while waiting for a bus, it’s great and if I get bored I can just choose another style of Tetris and the time flies by and then an hour later my bus is there. But I played Monster Hunter when my mum drove me to work last Sunday, and it wasn’t too great as I was doing a quest and firstly I couldn’t see it very well, and it was a fishing quest where I had to see when a fish was on my line, but it was so bright outside I couldn’t see, and I then ended up having to finish it at another time cos it was taking so long. Now to be honest I think the only game on the PSP I’m going to be able to play on the go is Exit, as with LocoRoco I’m going to want to pick up every little mui mui and berries so I’m going to want my full attention on the game. Now it’s bad with the DS and Brain Training as you can’t pause so I’ve ended up getting crap scores when checking to see if my bus it there, but overall it’s nice playing a DS on the move as it’s not too involving.
I’m not saying the PSP is bad, just it’s more of a handheld to play on when you don’t have anything you’re waiting for, so say sitting in a room at home, or in bed.

Prices, now I did spend rather a lot of money on these two, as you can see from how long my receipt is.

But as the Lite is only £99.99 I find that a reasonable price, since it’s a nice little console, and the PSP, well I don’t know how much it is for a normal base PSP but I did want a white one, so I could only get a value pack. But for £179.99 I think it’s actually quite reasonable as well, (mainly since I was worried about what to keep it in as I can’t afford a LocoRoco pouch at the moment, gonna be so cool though) but I then found out a pouch came with it, which is actually a really nice pouch, not what I want but it’ll do for now. I’m going to get a lot of hours of play out of these consoles, I’m happy I went out and finally bought a PSP and now I can play some games multiplayer with Charlotte my sister which is cool.

The only real downsides are that the battery life for the PSP is a bit short, and it’s not easy to see the screen for either in sunlight, but that’s how things are and you can’t really change it without blocking the sun out, plus of course the fact that now GBA games stick out the DS Lite

Overall I’m happy I spent all my money on these two lovely consoles, they are well worth the money, and I recommend them to anyone who is into games even if they hate Sony with all their life.

So briefly I’ll just rate the main bits


Weight 6/10
Look 9/10
Overall Size 7/10
Simplicity 5/10
Sound 10/10
Buttons 6/10
Games 6/10
Battery Life 2/10
Third-party Support 10/10
Screen (size) 10/10
Price 6/10

DS Lite

Weight 10/10
Look 9/10
Overall Size 10/10
Simplicity 7/10
Sound 9/10
Buttons 9/10
Games 7/10
Battery Life 8/10
Third-party Support 7/10
Screen (size) 9/10
Price 8/10

I’m very happy I bought these, please feel free to leave any comments concerning my review.

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