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Nice finished off Rig


Since we started production of the Void project I had only been assigned one task, it makes me feel really bad that I spent so long on it, but it was due to changes each week that I continued on developing it.

I had the task of getting the neutral character rigged, it has gone through many iterations. It started very very simple, but has progressed to a more complex rig.


Which has finally led it to look like this





With the two original designs of the rig, I was unaware of controls and manipulators, all I had previously done in the past was a couple of IK handles and a spline curve, and been told about IK FK Blends by a nice person from Blitz.

Although after going through different steps I then created a good rig which works in the engine. The video above shows it when it wasn't working in the engine, due to an unknown reason. This caused me to have to start the rig from scratch. But it then meant that every step I did with the rig now was tested after being added. So to insure that it didn't have any further problems. If it did I could then go back a stage. I now realise unreal needs tests done constantly as it seems like quite a fragile engine.


Either way you look at it, Unreal has made me more aware of the chances of problems. previously I would save a few different files, but now with each iteration it means if anything is to go wrong, I just have to look for the right file.


We now have a nice rigged character, and Caryn is busy animating it.


Also if anyone is wondering, the Unreal 3 engine does not run on a Dell mini 9, so now I have to figure out another way to take our current game about.


Must also say I really like the movement in the problem rig, makes me think of World Record.

Void and where I see it going


Well currently we are all hoping to get a finished version of the game out of our third year project.


I am going to be taking it to the Blitz Open day to show it to a few people there, as well as getting to see how Blitz runs at the same time.


We will be taking it to Games Grads, not entirely sure on how much we shall be taken, depends on what is completed at this point.


I would also like to go to Develop this year as well, as I haven't managed to attend the conference yet, and would like to go see some of the keynotes while also showing our groups working to numerous people.


Finally our game will be going to GameCity, mainly thanks to our lovely lecturer David Surman getting a space for Computer Games Design graduates to show our work off.


If any other events pop up Void will hopefully make an appearance.

Void Project Blog


Dear Readers,


As well as reading about the work I produce for the Void game on this blog, the group I am a part of also have a collaborative blog for every piece of work produced to be published on. As reading it from my blog it's quite one sided as I will tend to only post up my work.


I am currently putting up most items on the blog, but I am sure other team members will contribute over time. Either way it's a place for everybody's work to be shown together, which fills in all the pieces our individual blogs are in some cases missing.


On the blog at the moment there is all the pre-production work that has been produced up until now, and there will hopefully soon be images from the production phase as well.


You can find the blog at


Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to visit every now and again.



Void - Production Stage


Ok we have started on the production stage of the game, one part which I'm sure the majority of the group has really been looking forward to. I must say I am really looking forward to seeing all our work envisioned into an actual playable space, especially the orange pads from The Anemone Sea as I really love the design of them.


Well I plan to start off white boxing in the mechanics with Andy, while also rigging the main character and doing a bit of modelling on the side perhaps.


Really to be honest though I don't mind what work I do on the project as I'm always willing to give everything a go.


I'm currently trying to come up with a plan of how we should space out the production of our work, although I feel the whole group needs to go over this plan so we can all decided what time is needed for what. Although in the mean time I've put together a quick planner for us to use and stick up in either E8 or H2 at university.


weekly planner


Our deadline is around the start of May, along with us all having to finish and hand-in our dissertations in March as well. I think as long as we put our minds to it, it can be achieved, especially after taking part in the Global Game Jam and seeing what was produced in just two days.


Although i have been devoting more of my time to my dissertation recently so that I can get it out of the way, but that does mean I'll be able to use my time just on working on Void once the dissertation is out of the way, as opposed to worrying about both of them at the same time.

Void Updates Part Five


I produced these boards to help explain the progression that is involved with the Anemone Sea space, they go over the important parts which make up the level. I felt it would make modelling the level easier for us in the production stage, as when seeing the layout sheet it looks quite daunting. And without explanation it won't make much sense to anyone who reads my blog.


Anemone Sea progression


Anemone Sea progression 


Anemone Sea progression

I really like the progression images I drew for the Anemone Sea, I think they're much better than my ones for The Reef.

Void Updates Part Four


Along with some help from Rob I managed to produce a layout of how the Anemone Sea will take place.


Anemone Sea Layout


I'll just give a brief overview of the path that the character can go along, I won't go into depth on the spectacles that the player gets to witness. As you can see that when you play the game and it will be more exciting.

  • The player starts off in the top left-hand corner of the screen they then traverse along the edge to where there is the whitish square which is a ledge.
  • They will then go down onto the cluster of pads, following the curve round, then following it curve again.
  • Then leading down into the waterfall and then into the whirlpool. You then continue right, passing the starfish on the ledge then following the curve of all the pads until you get to the black shore line.
  • If they then carry on they will make their way to the next area to explore through.


I realise it's quite a large level, but it's the first thing the player is going to witness and I wanted it to be impressive.

Void Updates Part Three


I have spent a lot of my time trying to design the layout of The Reef (which is the final combined space), although I didn't make one to the best of my ability in the end, even after numerous designs. One thing I did do, as well as trying to create a mood board for The Reef, was ideas of progression within the space. So an overview explaining how objects in the space can interact with each other to create different ways to move throughout the level.


I will still attempt to design a a final version of The Reef, which sadly will be done during the production stage.


In the mean time here are my ideas of progression.



The Reef progression


The Reef progression


The Reef progression


The Reef progression

Void Updates Part Two


My next submission for our work was the dress assets I produced, that would populate the spaces. We won't be putting too many of them in the levels, but enough to make it look less empty.







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