Two Hundred and Ninety Two: MCM Expo just around the corner


The bi-annual London MCM Expo is only a matter of days away now and their games lineup is looking larger than ever. Especially with some big names now attending the show. Most notable games on show for me, that I'll be checking out will have to be...… more »

Two Hundred and Ninety One: The sad closure of a great studio


So it seems to have been confirmed that EA Bright Light, EA's Guildford based studio who have spent the past years developing the Harry Potter games as well as new ip's have now had their doors closed. IMAGE It's a very sad time for the Guildford… more »

Two Hundred and Ninety: Too much Toro?


Have I bought too many Toro's over the years? Does it make me look a little silly or is he so cool it doesn't matter? I can't help but be captivated by the little Sony cat. I remember seeing him advertised for a game at Game On back in 2002 and ever… more »

Two Hundred and Eighty Nine: An awesome figure of mine! Anyone like Double Fine?


So something I won in a giveaway back at my past job was quite epic. I managed to win it by proving that I was Double Fine's Number 2 fan, with Charlotte of course being Number 1. I was very lucky to have won him those few years ago and I hadn't had the… more »

Two Hundred and Eighty Eight: Yet another t-shirt


I went to go tidy up my rooms from back in Hampshire so they were nice and tidy, and was surprised by some post which I had forgotten about. I was at two minds about ordering it at first, but I'm very happy I decided to in the end as it really is an… more »

Two Hundred and Eighty Seven: My thoughts on Skylanders


So I'm your average Spyro the Dragon fan, I specifically enjoyed the games back when they were developed by Insomniac games. So my favourites are most probably Spyro, Spyro 2 and Spyro Year of the Dragon. Enter the Dragonfly and the newer "Legend of… more »

Two Hundred and Eighty Six: Once Upon a Monster


So a new Kinect title is out today and if you had a childhood or have kids I recommend you pick it up for some instant fun and giggles. That game is of course Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster the newest creation from Double Fine Productions and the… more »

Two Hundred and Eighty Five: Woo sofa!


Small and compact but comfortable and great for playing games from, also even though it's fairly small, I'm quite small too so I can actually sleep on it with ease! Picture with Toro on the sofa more »

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