Two Hundred and Eighty Four: Finally I have the internet again!


I have managed to survive since Sunday on the internet via my phone, which sadly struggles to find a good signal in the area. But now I have BT Infinity and man is it awesome. To be fair I've never had great internet before, but having FTTC really d… more »

Two Hundred and Eighty Three: E3 was fun, lets do it again next year!


Fun times were had with Charlotte at E3, I found this while I was unpacking IMAGE The main flaw with the Sims photo booth was that they didn't tell you which photo was going to be the large one! more »

Two Hundred and Eighty Two: MCV time!


While moving I managed to find a few things I'd almost forgotten about, this being one of them. So if you're a reader of my blog or a friend you may know I was in Games TM years ago, well that's not the only magazine I've managed to get my face into,… more »

Two Hundred and Eighty One: Moved!


I didn't think it would actually happen but after two years of being a Hampshirian I'm now a Horshonian, plus I'm only an hour away from Brighton! I'll just have to wait until the summer rears its head again so I can pop down to the beach and shy away… more »

Two Hundred and Eighty: An awesome day meeting American McGee


Something I mentioned back in September was that American McGee was heading to Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue in London to attend a signing for the release of "The Art of Alice: Madness Returns", which I knew I had to go to straight away as I… more »

Two Hundred and Seventy Nine: RAGE!


Is out today! I've been playing it over the past few days and I'm loving it, a few little things here and there are annoying but it's not stopping me from finding enjoyment from the game. Plus I still really love the way the anarchist bandits look.… more »

Two Hundred and Seventy Eight: Two tees in a row!


I had yet another tee arrive, another Teefury which this time was the t-shirt from the next day and it's an awesome Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog t-shirt. For anyone that hasn't watched Joss Whedon's Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog you should go watc… more »

Two Hundred and Seventy Seven: New t-shirt time


One of my purchases from back in September arrived, this awesome Mario t-shirt was off Tee-Fury and was designed by Herky. I really love the design as it's not your average run of the mill Mario design, it's got much more character. more »

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