Two Hundred and Seventy Six: A warm hello


Now these guys aren't mine, they're Charlotte's but they say hi! I believe they're Tiger Cockroaches and she now has five of them, they're super cute and will only hiss if you provoke them. Charlotte had always wanted some cockroaches and she's f… more »

Two Hundred and Seventy Five: Another Humble bundle


I'm a huge fan of pay what you want idea, of course it doesn't always go that well with some games, however I like to think that it really helps some out. It's usually for indie games of course, but it also creates a window for some people to donate… more »

Two Hundred and Seventy Four: Packing is fun when its a simple game of Tetris


The fun of packing is when you pack video games and other assorted DVD shaped media, they fit so snuggly and make a pretty pants version of Tetris to be fair. However I did find that if you're packing with Xbox 360 boxes (who doesn't!?) which would… more »

Two Hundred and Seventy Three: A trip to the AES Expo


So its come to the time of the year where insect lovers around can congregate in a small crowded room and buy new friends to keep. The AES expo happens once a year at Kempton park racecourse and houses a variety of dealers dependent on what takes your… more »

Two Hundred and Seventy Two: A new set of keys and a cool picture


Yay for changing times and no more horridly long train journeys, I've now picked up the keys for my new place. To commemorate this face I thought I'd share a picture I took on my commute the other day, I will miss having the metro to flick through e… more »

Two Hundred and Seventy One: Aliens: Infestation is out tomorrow!


Kinda came out with a bit of a quiet release I suppose? All I know is I'm wildly looking forward to it. Aliens: Infestation is the newest game developed ( or should I say co-developed as I'm not entirely sure of the role they've played) by Wayforward… more »

Two Hundred and Seventy: Say hello to my little friend


So I was just feeding the babies and a couple had been exploring around the tank and managed to try and sneak their way out while I was putting some cucumber in, so I thought I'd have a little company while using the Xbox 360. I know I shouldn't… more »

Two Hundred and Sixty Nine: GameMaker HTML5!


Sooo when it comes to LudumDare and the Global Game Jam with a bit of a lack of coding skills and an idea when it comes to logic and scripting I generally make my games in GameMaker. I say generally, what I really mean is always, I've considered using… more »

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