Three Hundred and Fifty Seven: Another new tee!


I bought this one some time ago and it finally arrived, if there's one thing I do find annoying is that most of the companies that print them are based in America so they take forever to make their way to me. However I received this one just in time… more »

Three Hundred and Fifty Six: A Christmasy evening


So as a sort of precursor to my impending delicious Christmas dinner that I'll be having with my family on Christmas day, I thought I'd have a go at doing my own. Although as I had to cook it straight after work and do a whole list of other things I… more »

Three Hundred and Fifty Five: A magic evening


A game I have never played before is Magic the Gathering, I've known loads of people who have played it, and some who were very into it, but it never really crossed my path before now, or at least I was never asked to play a game. It may sound sad bu… more »

Three Hundred and Fifty Four: Once again the TMNT are awesome!


Another awesome t-shirt from the lovely Qwertee, I don't really own many green t-shirts but I really do like the shade that was printed in, plus it features the cutest versions of the turtles ever. more »

Three Hundred and Fifty Three: Ludum Dare 22 day three: Alone


Sadly as I presumed I didn't manage to finish the game in the 48 hours, so instead I'm entering the Jam as my back up as I didn't want to end without a game. So in order to get the last few images I needed complete I gave myself until this evening to… more »

Three Hundred and Fifty Two: Ludum Dare 22 day two: Alone


Day two is now well ahead, I'm having a few issues with a few things such as keeping some UI on screen and a few things just generally not working properly. I honestly can't see it all being finished in time for the deadline as I've got a fair amount of… more »

Three Hundred and Fifty One: Ludum Dare 22 day one: Alone


So the theme for this month's Ludum Dare isn't what I really wanted, however you can't pick and choose when the theme is voted on. The winner this time round was Alone, creating a variety of circumstances a game can be centred and themed around. Sadl… more »

Three Hundred and Fifty: Trine 2 time!


While it's getting closer and closer to the Christmas holidays, less and less games are released, of course nothing else is coming out as later as SWOTR on the 20th. Except they've made it so you can buy the game earlier and it's just that the servers… more »

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