Three Hundred and Forty Eight: Two new games!


Yay two new games arrived today, one which I should have bought on release and that is Dark Souls. IMAGE Zavvi had the limited edition up for a price that I just couldn't resist so I had to buy it, especially because I wanted to pick up a copy bef… more »

Three Hundred and Forty Seven: Introducing the Humble Indie Bundle 4


So it's been a short while since the Humble Introversion Bundle, well now there's more Humble goodness with the Humble Indie Bundle 4, which contains so many games it makes it hard to read the image showing you what's on offer. Not only does it i… more »

Three Hundred and Forty Six: Now this one's a daily tee!


Can't go wrong with a Pokemon and Katamari mashup t-shirt. IMAGE more »

Three Hundred and Forty Five: A cute top! And it's not a daily tee!


I mentioned having bought another item off etsy when I showed off my cute Pac-Man skirt, well here it is, another popular culture icon in a clothing form. Although it's 90s cartoons instead of gamey, and if you weren't hooked on the cartoon and were… more »

Three Hundred and Forty Four: The Spike VGAs


The famed Spike VGAs happened this morning, or the 10th for those in America, they just happened to fall at 1am over here meaing in order to watch them you had to stay up and stay awake to see all the announcements, plus of course the awards. After h… more »

Three Hundred and Forty Three: The Capcom Christmas party


An event I love to attend each year when invited is the Capcom Community Christmas party, I joined the forums when I found out a lovely person from Atari had started working there and I've posted on there ever since. Then from attending the parties I… more »

Three Hundred and Forty Two: My goal this Christmas


For the past couple of years around Christmas time I've been baking Gingerbread, people enjoy them and I totally love them, plus I can always put some out for people at work as well as for the family on Christmas day. This year I think I'm going to g… more »

Three Hundred and Forty One: Stuffed Mushrooms!


I never used to like mushrooms, in fact I hated them, they always looked so slimy so I was always put off them and refused to eat them. Until I was introduced to button mushrooms, having been cooked whole they didn't have a slimy look and were cute and… more »

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