Seventy Seven: Amigurumi and a Catmoo app!


The ChuChu is gradually getting there, I imagine I'll make a lot of progress tomorrow on it, so then I'll finally be able to start something that isn't started off a beige (although a ChuChu shouldn't be that colour anyway) which will make it look a… more »

Seventy Six: Gamercast application


Coming soon to a Windows Phone near you! Should you have access to one. more »

Seventy Five: A peanut and a ChuChu


So I finished my peanut Amigurumi last night shortly after finishing my one a day and have since then started a new one. So the peanut would be an animal however I didn't have any eyes at the time to give it and it doesn't have any ears at the moment… more »

Seventy Four: Amigurumi continued


Just to show how much can be done in an evening and a two train journeys, I'm also having lots of fun working on this. Hoping it can be finished soon so I can try making some different cute items. This will eventually be a peanut animal, perhaps next… more »

Seventy Three: Making some Amigurumi progress


After having a bit of a free evening for once I've spent it improving my crochet skills. I'm pretty sure I've got the hang of it now as there aren't too many stitches to learn. My new book also arrived which is June Gilbank's "The complete idiot's guide… more »

Seventy Two: A long day of cleaning


My Sunday today was pretty much spent looking after my millipedes, I hadn't cleaned out their tank for a while and it was a little overloaded with springtails. Once the babies appeared I'd told myself I wouldn't clean their tank until they were big… more »

Seventy One: Cacti attack


A new addition to sit with my desk friends, of all the names provided I preferred Captain Lotsaspikes I believe, although I may be remembering the wrong name we came up with. It really is tiny (as you can tell with it being next to a Pikmin) and was… more »

Seventy: Toro time!


Something I posted about back in January finally arrived today (it took it's sweet time) and I'm pretty happy with what I got. I must say the Toro with the body is just adorable, the other pillow will also look great with my excited looking Toro. more »

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