Three Hundred and Forty: An awesome skirt!


I had a little browse on Etsy recently as it is a great hub of amazing hand-made products where you can just see the love and effort seeping out of some of the products on the site. I happened to come across two lovely pieces one of which arrived tod… more »

Three Hundred and Thirty Nine: LOVEFiLM on the Xbox 360


The new Xbox 360 dashboard update came out today, and well I'm a little disheartened on the update, firstly because I was really looking forward to BBC, 4oD and YouTube on my Xbox 360 whenever I felt like it. I of course was a little disappointed wh… more »

Three Hundred and Thirty Eight: Totally loving Zelda Skyward Sword


If you haven't gotten it yet you really should! I can only guess there's lots of Zelda goodness left for me to play, but I've already pumped over 30 hours into it and I can't wait to put in even more and bring it all to a close. I am really loving… more »

Three Hundred and Thirty Seven: Yeah! Another Catherine Collector's Edition!


So some may know that I picked up the Catherine Love is Over Edition, well when I say picked up, I mean imported from America. Which of course sadly is region locked, stopping me from experiencing Catherine with English dialogue. However times have n… more »

Three Hundred and Thirty Six: A lovely Christmas friendly Gingerbread biscuit recipe


I love making gingerbread biscuits, the dough is soft enough to manipulate and add details, they're fun to make and go great with a cup of tea or on their own. Although they are very sugary so I warn you if you're not a fan of rich biscuits. 225 g… more »

Three Hundred and Thirty Five: Some lovely homemade coleslaw


I've never been a fan of coleslaw, something about the types I usually eat taste a bit cheap and sharp, and just not that nice to eat. I was given some homemade coleslaw today and after hearing how easy it is to make and see how tasty it can be, perh… more »

Three Hundred and Thirty Four: Catball Eats it all!


A new iOS game came out today which is a simple Katamari style game of eat things and get bigger so you can eat it all. I completely fell in love with the main character Catball. IMAGE You can get it for free with the first two levels at the mo… more »

Three Hundred and Thirty Three: A Cherry clafoutis


Now this is the desert I wanted to make, I saw it made by Garry Rhodes on an episode of "The Best of British", he said how his partner always loved having him make it and it would always blow her away with how tasty it was. So I gave it a go and OMG… more »

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