Three Hundred and Twenty Four: Gamercast Live!


So I've mentioned Gamercast a few times, I thought I'd just mention it again as we're changing things up a little, or at least for a test run we are. Starting from today we will now be doing weekly live shows, of course we've done this before with th… more »

Three Hundred and Twenty Three: New t-shirt attack!


My first purchase off Yetee has arrived, a new website in the daily tee forte, I must say some of their designs are a little less appealing to me, however they have had a few which have caught my eye, including this one. IMAGE Plus I didn't have a… more »

Three Hundred and Twenty Two: It's Zelda time!


Zelda games don't come by that often, especially the home console variants, so it's always a special occasion when a new one is released. Twilight Princess came out with the release of the Wii back in 2006 and the end of the GameCube, and now the ne… more »

Three Hundred and Twenty One: Some baking and a little BUG


So yesterday in the UK was a day that bears host to a thing called Children in Need, I did a little baking myself to do my bit towards the cause. So I decided to do a few things I'd made in the past which were. Dark Chocolate Orange Shortbread:… more »

Three Hundred and Twenty: Two awesome gamey t-shirts in a row


To follow on from yesterday's t-shirt and just in time for the release of Skyward Sword, I received a Zelda inspired t-shirt that I'd ordered off Teefury. Anyone who doesn't have a soft spot for a Zelda game, it's characters, setting or music I f… more »

Three Hundred and Nineteen: Yay a new t-shirt for a great game!


I suppose it's been a fairly short time since I got a new t-shirt...well not really, but I couldn't resist on buying this one. At first I thought nah, I don't need it, but after a little more thought I decided I couldn't let it pass as the t-shirt makes… more »

Three Hundred and Eighteen: Finally I have my copy of Skyrim!


So Skyrim of course came out back on the 11th, and I finally have my copy of it, after having to wait until Tuesday for parcelforce to deliver it to my local Post office. To think I could have been playing it Friday night through to today, but instead I… more »

Three Hundred and Seventeen: Something a little savoury


Felt like doing a little baking, but as I've made too many sugary things recently I decided to make something with some of my bits and bobs lying about in the house. So I put together some Bacon and sweetcorn muffins. Ok well I say they're ba… more »

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