new phone :)


Well after wanting a new phone for a while now I decided on one to get, based partly on the fact that I wanted one people didn't have, like those Sony ericssons that everyone has, like my last phone, my little Siemens MC60 I didn't know a single person… more »

DS :)


Well after receiving an email a few days ago from Nintendo I will be purchasing a DS on Monday I will be buying: Which means I will be getting the vip limited DS pack thingy, including: Mario 64 DS Demo of metroid (comes with every ds) Demo of… more »

HL2 Stuff :)


Well after ordering the gold version of Half-Life 2 off steam back when it came out, we were finally sent our stuff that comes with it, e.g. a hat ^^ yeah so after months of waiting and probably forgetting about it, it comes. The site did say 6-8 weeks… more »

Creative Zen Micro thingy


um yeah well I wanted to write a bit on this cute little thing I got the other day cos I've been quite impressed with it. It set me back about £175 including the postage which has been the most I've ever spent on a music player, so if I wasn't pleased… more »

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