Three Hundred: Pick up a royale with cheese...I mean indie bundle


So another new bundle website has graced the internet, this time with a slightly different price model when compared to those already out there. The Indie Royal bundle created by NAME is a bundle of games which start out at a set price. The more purc… more »

Two Hundred and Ninety Nine: Some new Ghostlight infused games


So Ghostlight for anyone that doesn't know are a small publisher based in the UK, specifically in Essex, which is my home county. They've got two new releases coming out which is the only way that these games could have ever made it over to the UK. I… more »

Two Hundred and Ninety Eight: New shoes!


So after being enthralled by some previous Batman/Joker shoes that I spotted in Crawley, I did a little digging and found some that perhaps aren't better, but are just as good. Mainly because I pefer lo-converse and not high-tops, plus the Mr E.Nigma… more »

Two Hundred and Ninety Seven: The Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony


So one thing I had to be careful about mentioning since buying tickets was the Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony. I had to be careful not to mention that I was going as I also bought my sister a ticket as a birthday present and I didn't want to ruin the… more »

Two Hundred and Ninety Six: The imminent release of Wonton51!


So on October 25th a new game is going to be release for iOS, of course this happens very frequently and isn't something to be surprised about. But this time round it's something I'm quite looking forward to, which doesn't happen much with iOS as usu… more »

Two Hundred and Ninety Five: Cookie attack!


So I felt like making some cookies today, which will be making their way with me into work on Monday to share the yumminess. IMAGE These were the first things I've baked with the oven in my new place, and it's a gas oven which I'm not 100% used to… more »

Two Hundred and Ninety Four: A visit to Crawley?


So I decided to go on a little adventure and have a moop around Crawley, little did I know I'd for some reason come across some Storm Troopers. IMAGE I must say the shopping center and shops within Crawley all seemed pretty good and quite nice, I'… more »

Two Hundred and Ninety Three: Batmans!


It's officially Batman day! Or at least I've proclaimed it! Batman Arkham City is released today and I've got my fingers crossed my copy will be waiting for me when I get home. Arkham City is of course the third title to be released from Londond d… more »

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