Two Hundred and Eighty Four: Finally I have the internet again!


I have managed to survive since Sunday on the internet via my phone, which sadly struggles to find a good signal in the area. But now I have BT Infinity and man is it awesome!

To be fair I've never had great internet before, but having FTTC really does make a huge difference to what I'm used to.

As well as that BT Infinity do an offer where you can have a trial of OnLive for free for three months! Which you can find out more about here, as long as you're a BT Infinity customer you can take advantage of it, plus they don't take any card details either so you won't have to remember to cancel anything.

Two Hundred and Eighty Three: E3 was fun, lets do it again next year!


Fun times were had with Charlotte at E3; I found this while I was unpacking.

The main flaw with the Sims photo booth was that they didn't tell you which photo was going to be the large one!

However it was nice as there seemed to be a big presence with EA and taking photos which was nice as you could then walk away with a nice little printed memory to look after.

E3 is definitely an experience and I recommend people try and go if they've been unsure of whether to attend or not. Not only are there are large array of interesting games waiting to be played, but there's also lots of lovely people attending the show.

Two Hundred and Eighty Two: MCV time!


While packing up items and moving I managed to find a few things I'd almost forgotten about, this being one of them.

So if you're a reader of my blog or a friend you may know I was in Games TM a few years ago, well that's not the only magazine I've managed to get my face into, MCV is one of them, and I've actually somehow gotten in there a couple of times now. I just need to get one of my tweets in there too!

It had made it into the 'Off the record best of 2008' section

Oh how grumpy Miss Croft is my defence it was a very cold day! I was in a previous issue as well, as this is a roundup of the year. However I can't seem to find the other issue in my possession, it may just be living elsewhere.

Two Hundred and Eighty One: Moved!


I didn't think it would actually happen but after two years of being a Hampshirian I'm now a Horshonian, plus I'm only an hour away from Brighton! I'll just have to wait until the summer rears its head again so I can pop down to the beach and shy away in the shade and play some games on a handheld device.

total myspace style picture but I'm in the back of a van!

Oddly enough sitting in the back of a van with lots of boxes and bikes isn't that bad and was in some ways the highlight of my day! Especially as I'm now internet-less and have to rely on my phone for all things internet based.

From what I've experienced so far I'm enjoying my new place and I can't wait to be unpacked, perhaps some items I had hidden away in boxes will have the space to breathe now!

Two Hundred and Eighty: An awesome day meeting American McGee


Something I mentioned back in September was that American McGee was heading to Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue in London to attend a signing for the release of "The Art of Alice: Madness Returns", which I knew I had to go to straight away as I hadn't had the chance to meet him before. Plus as I believe he usually lives in Shanghai it seemed like something I should take advantage of and considering I have so many games that American has worked on it seemed perfect.

The day started off with awesome company (ended the same really) and we got there an hour or so before the signing began, gave us some time to sit in the cold, and for some reason discussing what everyone was going to steal off me and then run away.

Once inside myself and Charlotte presented him with a pile that reflects the majority of his life, although sadly lacking in Scrapland as we couldn't find it, and one of my favourites American McGee's Grimm which sadly had no retail release. I was very happy to find out and report that American McGee is a lovely guy who was super friendly and a pleasure to meet. He was super funny, especially when he made sure that we own other games and not just his, as that would be creepy apparently.

The day was then finished off with some awesome Thai food from Sir and Madams in Guildford. If you haven't been there I highly recommend their food and the lovely waitresses who remember orders very well. I used to eat there fairly frequently back when I used to work in Guildford.

Overall it was a great day which ended in me having to pack up the rest of my belongings before moving tomorrow!

Two Hundred and Seventy Nine: RAGE!


Is out today! I've been playing it over the past few days and I'm loving it, a few little things here and there are annoying but it's not stopping me from finding enjoyment from the game.

Plus I still really love the way the anarchist bandits look.

Go buy it now! Or wait for it to go a little cheaper if you want more from the game, other than an id shooter.

Two Hundred and Seventy Eight: Two tees in a row!


I had yet another tee arrive, another Teefury which this time was the t-shirt from the next day and it's an awesome Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog t-shirt.

For anyone that hasn't watched Joss Whedon's Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog you should go watch a little on YouTube and then buy it on Blu-Ray!

Two Hundred and Seventy Seven: New t-shirt time


One of my purchases from back in September arrived, this awesome Mario t-shirt was off Tee-Fury and was designed by Herky. I really love the design as it's not your average run of the mill Mario design, it's got much more character.

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