Three Hundred and Thirty Two: Last minute pancakes


I wanted to make a gorgeous looking cherry dessert tonight but I forgot to take out the cherries from the freezer, so in a huff I decided, what the hell let’s make some pancakes. I tried to sprinkle a little icing sugar on top with my sieve but it came out as a bit of a mess in the end, but that teamed with a little golden syrup added a nice extra bit of flavour.

I even made so many that I can munch on some cold at work tomorrow; they didn't come out as sweet as I hoped but the recipe didn't contain that much sugar. I'll try a different recipe next time.

Three Hundred and Thirty One: A lovely present


A good friend spent some time in America recently and as him and his wife know I love to bake, especially gingerbread they bought me the sweetest present of some gingerbread mix with a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter.

I can't wait to try the mix out and see what American style gingerbread tastes like, hopefully it's not too amazingly fantastical though, as I can't really get up and travel to America to pick up some more!

Three Hundred and Thirty: Experimenting with a slow cooker


When I lived with Charlotte she'd constantly cook dinners up in the slow cooker, but I never had a chance at it myself. The advantage of using one is you then cook meat that melts in your mouth and you can just leave it cooking away for the day for a great meal to come home to.

Well now I've got a nice shiny new slow cooker and I had a go at making a slow cooked chicken korma which came out lovely, the chicken was so tender and the vegetables soft. Plus it's made loads of leftovers that I can now enjoy for lunch for the next few days.

I look forward to seeing what other delights I can make in this lovely piece of equipment.

Three Hundred and Twenty Nine: A lovely day and some awesome games


So as well as being able to pick up my awesome Sonic Generations collector's edition by visiting Charlotte, I had the chance to eat an epic burger in Yates, an ultimate stack burger. To be fair the burger itself wasn't great, I've had beef that is much tastier and full of flavour.

However altogether it was a great burger, consisting of: two burgers, chicken breast, onion rings, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

All I can say is it was a yummy burger and I was happy to enjoy one in the company of lovely people.

It did make me wish I could pop over to America and visit an In-N-Out Burger though.

I was also lucky to come home to my Saints Row Platinum Edition which was great as I was worried I'd have to wait for it to be delivered next week.

Three Hundred and Twenty Eight: A 3DS I would love to have


I bought a Nintendo 3DS on launch like the silly person that I am, however I've enjoyed having it since day one and playing on it, and of course taking it to E3 and getting over 300 streetpasses.

However I now wish that I'd waited so I could justify buying this thing of beauty.

Sadly I have a feeling by the time I have the money spare or go for the plunge and decide to buy one, they'll be sold out everywhere.

Three Hundred and Twenty Seven: A few things


So I have friends on Facebook posting all the times about stuff they're selling, usually on groups where people sell stuff, I usually ignore it all but I could say no to any of these!

Especially as I'd been recommended The Sarah Connor Chronicles by multiple people so I knew I had to watch it at some point.

I thought I might as well get Super Mario Galaxy as I do part-own a copy already but Charlotte paid for it, so I was short a copy of Mario Galaxy and it was cheap so I couldn't resist.

Three Hundred and Twenty Six: Introducting the Humble Introversion Bundle!


Once again another Humble Indie Bundle has appeared, so very soon after the Voxatron bundle. Well this one is extremely awesome and very British as well, as it is the Humble Introversion Bundle.

Introversion are a Cambridge based indie studio that have developed amazing games such as Darwinia and Defcon. If you haven't played any of their games before you now have the chance to pick up all of their released titles and even some cool extra pieces, including the Subversion City Generator and Voxel Tech Demo.

So why don't you give these games a chance, you can donate whatever you want, but they of course would appreciate a little more than a dollar.

Also if you pay more than the average price you'll get a copy of Aquaria and Crayon Physics Deluxe included in the bundle!

Three Hundred and Twenty Five: Funny how such a small thing can cause so much pain!


So you may have heard of Kidney stones, what you may not of heard of are Salivary stones, and they're horrible, perhaps not as much as Kidney stones, I'm not sure.

But something so small can be horrible.

This post is probably a bit gross as it is so I won't go into any more gory details.

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