Three Hundred and Twenty Four: Gamercast Live!


So I've mentioned Gamercast a few times, I thought I'd just mention it again as we're changing things up a little, or at least for a test run we are.

Starting from today we will now be doing weekly live shows, of course we've done this before with the podcast but we're now streaming a video feed as well. The podcast will remain the same, so it's not like we're leaving those who like to hear myself and Paul blab on while on trains, doing the washing or whatever you like to do when you listen to the show.

The show has moved from the previously usual Sunday slot to Monday evening at 8pm GMT. Should you wish to watch you only need to go to where the feed and chatroom for the stream will be accessible.

Although it's understandable that you may not have the time to sit and watch us talk, which is why the video is also uploaded to the YouTube channel as well if you want to have a watch, otherwise just keep listening to the show!

Three Hundred and Twenty Three: New t-shirt attack!


My first purchase off Yetee has arrived, a new website in the daily tee forte, I must say some of their designs are a little less appealing to me, however they have had a few which have caught my eye, including this one.

Plus I didn't have a Portal themed t-shirt yet so I was very welcoming to the tee when I first spotted it.

Three Hundred and Twenty Two: It's Zelda time!


Zelda games don't come by that often, especially the home console variants, so it's always a special occasion when a new one is released.

Twilight Princess came out with the release of the Wii back in 2006 and the end of the GameCube, and now the next iteration is out, hopefully it won't mean it's the end of the Wii, as Skyward Sword shows so much potential it'd be great for other games to follow on.

I didn't have a chance to play any Skyward Sword last night as I was at BUG 28, but I'm looking forward to pouring lots of hours into this lovely new game during the weekend. Plus I'm sure my Wii is happy that it's getting some use.

One thing that does feel a little grim, or perhaps Persona-fied is how you have to literally jump to your death to call your bird, seems very adventurous and almost dangerous to be doing in a Zelda title, although it is a 12 rated game.

Three Hundred and Twenty One: Some baking and a little BUG


So yesterday in the UK was a day that bears host to a thing called Children in Need, I did a little baking myself to do my bit towards the cause. So I decided to do a few things I'd made in the past which were.

Dark Chocolate Orange Shortbread:

Spiced Oatmeal and Raisin cookies:

and some Gingerbread cookies:

So the images above were from past attempts of the baking, mainly because my pictures I took turned out a bit pants, as you can see below, and they weren't nice and close up like I usually do.

My evening then ended with some great Adam Buxton filled laughs at the BFI at BUG 28, a show where Adam Buxton shows music videos that have been picked by some talented chaps, a little singing, some Bronholm and the reading of YouTube comments.

It's a bit of a weird night to explain, however if you like Adam Buxton and can get to London or any of the other venues (they're even doing BUG in Cardiff now!) then I highly recommend going along and having a very funny evening.

Three Hundred and Twenty: Two awesome gamey t-shirts in a row


To follow on from yesterday's t-shirt and just in time for the release of Skyward Sword, I received a Zelda inspired t-shirt that I'd ordered off Teefury.

Anyone who doesn't have a soft spot for a Zelda game, it's characters, setting or music I feel must be a little dead inside. Or at least those who are really into games should feel something towards the series. You can't have not tried a Zelda title at some point in your life, especially as the series has been around for 25 years! Just because it's a Nintendo title doesn't make it "for kids" which still seems to be a term used with any title on the Wii or DS.

Well Skyward Sword comes out tomorrow and I'm definitely going to have to wear this top on Friday, hopefully my copy will arrive and I can have a Zelda filled weekend.

Three Hundred and Nineteen: Yay a new t-shirt for a great game!


I suppose it's been a fairly short time since I got a new t-shirt...well not really, but I couldn't resist on buying this one.

At first I thought nah, I don't need it, but after a little more thought I decided I couldn't let it pass as the t-shirt makes me think of one of the best moments of BioShock.

Design wise the t-shirt is ok, it's not a ground-breaking t-shirt that's going to make everyone stop in amazement, it’s a fairly simple design that does the job and doesn't look crap!

Three Hundred and Eighteen: Finally I have my copy of Skyrim!


So Skyrim of course came out back on the 11th, and I finally have my copy of it, after having to wait until Tuesday for parcelforce to deliver it to my local Post office.

To think I could have been playing it Friday night through to today, but instead I just got to pop it in today for an hour or so and get started in the game. The collector's edition is a bit massive, not as huge as the Crysis 2 Nano edition or Halo Reach Legendary Edition of course but it's pretty darn big is going to need to find somewhere to live.

The Alduin statue has found somewhere to live although I wish the base of the figure wasn't so cheaply made!

I'm now playing as Arriana an Argonian, I didn't really know what to go with for a name so I just went with A as of course Argonian starts with the letter A! It's not a very suiting name for an Argonian and I spelt it differently to the usual way of spelling the name but I just wanted to play Skyrim!

Three Hundred and Seventeen: Something a little savoury


Felt like doing a little baking, but as I've made too many sugary things recently I decided to make something with some of my bits and bobs lying about in the house.

So I put together some Bacon and sweet corn muffins.

Ok well I say they're bacon and sweet corn, there is a little cheese and spring onion hidden in there as well. I do regret not adding a little Italian seasoning and a little more pepper, but otherwise for my first savoury muffin they're very nice!

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