Three Hundred and Eight: One of the best weddings ever!


So I haven't really been to many weddings before, only one previously in fact, and that was my elder sister's wedding which was lovely.

Well this year I was very lucky to have been invited to a good friend's wedding and I must say even though it was still a classical style wedding/reception it had little bits and bobs that added hints of games and game culture throughout and it really made it that more of a special day.

Not only was it at an amazing location but I got to spend the day in lovely company which is always a pleasure. I only wish the wedding lasted the whole weekend and didn't end Sunday morning!

Three Hundred and Seven: Awesomenauts is awesome...but delayed


So I've been keeping an eye on Awesomenauts for some time now and I'm very much looking forward to it, I was also looking forward to its December release date. But instead I have to look forward to its February release date as they've pushed it back a little.

“Though we understand that fans may initially feel disappointed that the game will not be released before the end of the year, we will make sure to use the extra time available to us to polish Awesomenauts even further,”

Awesomenauts is a 2D side scrolling MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), if you haven't played a MOBA before, they're based around the premise of DotA, and League of Legends. Awesomenauts is set to be one of the first true MOBA’s for consoles and I've managed to play it twice, once at E3 and again at Eurogamer and I really enjoyed what I played.

Their reasons for delaying it seem fair, as long as it doesn't slip again I'll be happy, plus it means there's more time to get more of a fan base for it so there'll be more people playing when it's out.

Three Hundred and Six: Two new games in the Voxatron Bundle


Well I wasn't wrong! The Humble Voxatron Debut now has two more games within it, which include The Blinding of Isaac and Blocks that Matter.

Of course anyone that bought the Voxatron Bundle before will automatically get these two games if you visit the website again, plus they can also be redeemed on Steam as well!

If you were umming and ahing at the bundle before don't even think for a second longer and just go buy it now! All you have to do is pay the average price to get these two included and currently that's only about $4 which is nothing when you're getting three amazing games.

Three Hundred and Five: Uncharted 3 has hit the shelves!


I've been looking forward to this since completing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves but also since they announced it at the Spike VGA's last year.

I've got my fingers crossed that it'll be good but I honestly can't imagine Naughty Dog ever messing it up, but I also wonder if we will be seeing more of the lovely Nathan Drake in the future, or if they've used him up for what he's worth in the newest iteration.

I just hope it's as jaw droppingly intense as number two was, and that they've kept the immense scale within the environments.

Three Hundred and Four: Introducing the Humble Voxatron Bundle!


Yet another Humble Indie Bundle has been released, this time it's the Humble Voxatron Debut, featuring Voxatron!

I remember watching a video for Voxatron earlier in the year and being interested and I must say I'm very happy that it's been put in an indie bundle as the name will spread well on word of mouth.

Currently it's just Voxatron in the bundle although I wouldn't be surprised if something else is added later down the line.

Thee Hundred and Three: Happy Birthday me!


Happy Birthday to me, and Charlotte of course, our pre-birthday celebrations were lovely and I enjoyed a nice meal on my birthday after work, followed by a little Batman so I could talk to Julian Day.

I even made birthday food for myself and to give to others at work, some amazing Dark Chocolate Orange Shortbread.

And some Marshmallow Rice Crispy squares as I didn't trust my oven and banana loaf to be cooked properly.

Three Hundred and Two: I do agree that pre-birthday parties are weird


My birthday usually falls on a weekend, but this year it's decided to be on a Monday which is alright, but it means I won't be able to spend the day with my family sadly.

So instead yesterday we had a pre-birthday family get-together, and boy is it odd being given presents and have a birthday cake when it isn't actually your birthday. The usual thing of course would be to have the birthday celebration the following weekend but I already had plans. My mum thought it was going to be a little weird having a pre-birthday party and I must say I agree with her.

It was great seeing the family though and spending time with everyone, plus also getting some lovely delicious cake.

It's just a shame I didn't take the knife away from the cake for the picture!

Three Hundred and One: MCM Expo and the developers of Wonton51


So as previously mentioned I did attend the London MCM Expo as per usual, it was enjoyable and I got to play all the games I intended to as well, plus talk to some awesome guys from Volition Games as well as the developers behind Wonton51.

I was also able to present the Quarter Circle Punch Game Works team with some faux sushi that I made them the night before to celebrate the release of their game.

This picture was of course taken while I was still making them

Throughout the day I was asked about them from multiple people including a helper at the Nintendo stand as well as the MCMBuzz crew who then took a picture of me with the faux sushi and posted it on their twitter account.

Sadly I didn't get to stay at MCM Expo for that long due to family commitments, however I enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing what games they have lined up for May.

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